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And something I forgot.

Last night as I was laying in bed, not quite ready to go to sleep, I finally came up with an idea for the column that worked. I don't even remember what thought process led to it, so I'm hoping it was inspiration, even if it was just more language geekiness stuff. Of course, I like that kind of stuff a lot, so I always think those columns turn out pretty well. We got it turned in before we started working, and life was looking pretty good.

And then... work kept going pretty well, and life is still looking good! Yay! We even finished our quota early again. Sixty pages in two hours--that's pretty impressive. I think it's because Nabari's now at the pace I expect from a ninja manga, with a better balance between talking and fighting.

Let's see, what did I want to talk about again? Oh right, the Sleeping Beauty's castle walk-through at Disneyland.

I forgot to mention this in my Disneyland report. There was something else I wanted to mention and forgot, too, but that one's still forgotten. Anyway, Sleeping Beauty's castle. One of the things we always remembered about Disneyland was that you could go inside Sleeping Beauty's castle, and there were diorama type thingies of scenes from the movie, Sleeping Beauty. We always liked getting to the last one, where Aurora and Philip were dancing, because her dress actually changed color from pink to blue.

Several years ago, they closed the attraction down, and Sleeping Beauty's castle was closed forever. Or, y'know, until they reopened it a few weeks ago. It was closed for at least a few years, though. Something about it not being popular enough to deal with the upkeep. So we were sad. Until it opened up again! Yay!

And last week we finally got to see the upgrade. It was pretty snazzy, actually. They redid the scenes, so instead of using dolls like they did before (the attraction was sponsored by Mattel), they use flat cutouts, which actually look much better than the dolls. I guess it's easier to get Disney quality art in two dimensions than in three, especially when the original was two-dimensional. And not only that, but now they have enhanced special effects! So in the scene where they're burning all the spinning wheels, instead of... I actually don't remember what they did before (it was a looooong long time ago), but now they have an invisible screen with fire projected on it that's animated, just like in the movie.

And they now have the scene where the three good fairies give Aurora their gifts, and that part is animated, too! Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are all floating above Aurora's cradle, and they take turns flying to the center and waving their wands, at which point sparkle rain down on the baby (whose invisible because she's covered in blankets, I guess). And then the blankets sparkle, and the next fairy takes her turn, and I like it a lot because, as we discussed with our party, sparkle is a favorite color of many girls.

Unfortunately, it's kind of... crazy. For example, you know how I talked about them burning the spinning wheels? They show that scene before they show the one with the fairies giving their gifts. I don't know if anyone reading this is unfamiliar with the movie, but in case anyone is, they don't see a need for destroying any spinning wheels until after the fairies give their gifts.

Incidentally, there was some discussion about the logic of burning all the spinning wheels when the girl was just a baby. That's plenty of time to make more spinning wheels, and besides, as Gaston pointed out, why don't they just get her some Kevlar gloves... or something more fitting of the period?

Right after the scene with Aurora as a baby, they show the scene with her on the floor after pricking her finger. They skip over all the Briar Rose stuff entirely. We think this is because they want the rest of the space in the castle to do all their "nifty" Maleficent effects, many of which, incidentally, weren't in the movie at all. There's one scene with a bunch of spinning wheels flying around. It always reminds Athena of the "It's a twister!" music from The Wizard of Oz.

They did do the kissing scene pretty well, but there was no color-changing dress, and that was a little disappointing. Instead, they have Maleficent's shadow loom over you as you leave, which is pretty awesome, except for what's with the whole, "The end... or is it?" thing they've got going? When you exit the Snow White ride, they have the Wicked Queen's raven hanging around, too. It's almost like they're planning to do more sequels. That's kind of a scary thought. I mean, Maleficent is cool and all, but she is definitely dead. Although it's true she did just come back in Kingdom Hearts II with no satisfactory explanation.

They also had a pretty cool thing where you walk by a door with a window in it and see one of Maleficent's minions' spears (he's walking along, but he's too short for you to see more than that).

So overall, I'd say it's very pretty and has some neat effects, but whoever designed it either didn't have a very good story-telling sense or chose to ignore it. Maybe they'll do better next time.

Today I'm thankful for getting our column turned in, Kevlar, having extra time to do stuff (I know we've had nothing but extra time for a while now, but still), Terra being so cute in Dissidia Final Fantasy, and having a Mimsy on my lap right now.
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