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Today we are tormenting Oreo with our singing. All those people who think that musicals are unrealistic because people Don't randomly burst into song don't know what they're talking about, because people do. Maybe not all people everywhere, but we certainly do, and our ride to Disneyland did too on the way there. And he's not even really the singer type. Of course, our lyrics are never anything brilliant, and usually it's only a line or two instead of an entire song, but that's why we're not in the movies.

And today, our singing is operatic. No reason--just 'cause. I guess I couldn't say for sure if it's tormenting Oreo, but he did have his eyes half-open in an expression that looked irritated, and now that we're not singing, his eyes are closed. He's been acting super fast to jump on Athena's lap since we got back from Disneyland, and it's very very cute. It makes us feel bad for constantly getting up and moving, but not bad enough to stop.

What else did I have to talk about today? We were late to Sacrament Meeting today, because the clock of the girl who drives us to church was ten minutes slow for mysterious reasons. But fortunately we made it as the sacrament hymn was starting up, so we were there for the most important part. And then there were some really good talks. The counselor in the bishopric who's in charge of calling people and asking them to speak in Sacrament Meeting gave a talk on repentance, as his way of repenting for forgetting to call people and ask them to speak this week. His main point was that we don't see things as clearly when we're not being righteous, and he talked about a scripture (in James) that says if someone keeps the law except in one point, he's guilty of not keeping any of the law. He always thought that was unfair, because if he got a B+, he doesn't want to be lumped in with all the C- people, but then he realized that God doesn't want us to be happy with being B+ students--he wants us to strive for perfection.

Changing the subject, we got another package from Bandai Entertainment the other day, and now we have three statues of Raquel from Scrapped Princess! We also got another plush of the ferret from Infinite Ryvius, and some really pretty Gundam Seed Destiny pencil boards. If we keep ordering from them, eventually we'll have an army of Raquels and ferrets with red vests! It almost makes me want to make a little video with them and post it on YouTube or something. Something like a Raquel-centric music video to When Somebody Loved Me from Toy Story 2. That sounds very very sad. Poor Raquel.

Today I'm thankful for making it to church, getting to hear some more good talks, getting to make plans to go fabric shopping, Raquel armies, and the pretty blue birds that were outside the window a little while ago.
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