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Still no work, but it doesn't matter because we're leaving for Disneyland in a little over an hour. Wow, that's soon. I'm not sure I really have anything else to say. We're spending a couple of days down there, which I tend to think is a good idea until we're getting close to leaving and I look at the kitties, and I'm always so sad to be leaving them. Plus I've been really afraid of offending people lately, so the social anxiety is kicking in big time. But at the very least, Sarah had a very pretty Snow White picture frame that we got for her at Disneyland a few years ago and it broke very recently, so we need to get a replacement for it, and having a mission like that will help me to focus and not freak out, although it is very sad that the frame broke.

Meanwhile, we've (of course) been playing Dissidia Final Fantasy, though not as much as you'd expect. We've only gotten through five stories! Next up is Zidane, and we're kind of excited but also kind of afraid, because he's our favorite character and we don't want them to do anything that doesn't fit with our image of him. All the other characters have been pretty much in character so far (except we're not sure about Firion, because it's been like four and a half years since we played FF2), but there have been a few scenes with Zidane, and while we love Romi Park very much, she just doesn't sound like Zidane to us. Akira Ishida as Kuja, on the other hand, still seems to be right on, so at least there's that.

Still, it's looking like we'll probably save that until we get back from Disneyland. We're not quite ready to travel with the shiny PSP, especially since it doesn't have a case, and unlike a DS, it doesn't close, so the screen is constantly unprotected! Oh no!!! And those screens are fan-C, so we don't want to put it in any danger.

Today I'm thankful for Mom taking care of the kitties while we're away, not having to get up super early to go to Disneyland, Akira Ishida as Kuja, having a Mission for when we're at Disneyland, and Mognet.
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