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I have once again been pinned by an Oreo, so I guess it's time to update Live Journal, since we still don't have any official work to do. If this goes on much longer, we're going to have to e-mail people! Gasp! Okay, so obviously it's not that gaspworthy. But anyway, since we're planning on going to Disneyland on Wednesday and Thursday, I figured we might as well wait until we get back before we start doing that. In the meantime, we'll probably bring the laptop, so we can check e-mail in case someone e-mails us first.

And so, in lieu of doing any work, we spent our morning searching for our Star Wars videos. Well, not the whole morning--it only took about half an hour, actually. It was kind of interesting, though, because we ended up going through boxes we haven't touched in years. And I got covered in pink feathery bits from the boa we bought to make Meer's nightgown with. Never did get around to actually making it.

The Star Wars videos we have are pretty old, too. We got them before the special editions hit theaters, so that makes them like, more than ten years old I think. Wow. We do think about buying the DVDs occasionally, but since we do already own the videos...

After spending half an hour searching, we decided not to watch them, though. It goes back to our, "But we can't just them!" thing, I think. Well, that and if we watched one today, we'd have to watch all of them today, because we're going to Disneyland on Wednesday and we can't watch A New Hope today, Empire Strikes Back tomorrow, and then wait who knows how long for Return of the Jedi. Deciding that we would Definitely Watch Return of the Jedi when we get back won't do, either. We watched Aladdin a looooooong time ago with the full determination to watch it again with the director's commentary one week later, and we still have yet to watch that commentary. And while a Star Wars marathon would be pretty awesome, what if somebody e-mailed with work? Of course, we still need books for just about everything, so that's not really a good argument either. Ah well, chalk it up to indecisiveness.

So we read manga instead. And we were just getting ready to go finish watching the Blood+ DVD we rented when Oreo came and pinned me down. We were still downloading anime when Blood+ first started in Japan, but with a title like Blood+, we thought it might be a little too bloody for us to enjoy. Later we found out one of our favorite voice actors was in it, though, and there was something about Hans Zimmer or someone writing the music, so we decided to Netflix it. We watched the first episode on Thursday, I think? and it really was pretty bloody, which is why we haven't finished watching that disc yet. Well, that and Dissidia Final Fantasy. And Lego Star Wars. We're hoping it's less bloody in later episodes, like Le Chevalier d'Eon.

And I think I'm done babbling for now. Today I'm thankful for finding our Star Wars videos, daisy chains, mini-kit detectors (though I don't want to rely on them, they are helpful when all else fails), feather bits, and getting to eat chocolate oatmeal cookies last night.
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