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Okay, first and foremost, we're looking at getting together a Chrono Trigger cosplay group. Details are forthcoming, but if you're interested at all, let us know. We're also looking at getting together a Haruka 3 cosplay group for Anime Detour (I think...?). Anime Detour is in Minnesota in April, and as for Chrono Trigger, we haven't decided on anything yet. But we figure recruitment comes first.

Today has been pretty good. Our Relief Society lesson was on studying the scriptures. The teacher asked if any of us had had any experiences where we had a question that was answered by reading the scriptures. Athena glanced at me like, "You have one!" but I didn't quite catch on right away, and by the time I worked up the nerve to do it, the teacher moved on. Still, it has a pretty good followup, so even though I talked all about it here on LJ, I thought I'd talk about it again. Besides, it happened a whole two years ago. At least, I think it was about two years ago. I can't find the entry to check, and I ran out of patience, even though we had some pretty funny entries two years ago.

Oh! There it is, it was hiding in March. So almost two years ago. Anyway, we were finally pulling out of our financial struggle, and we were thinking maybe we wanted to see about moving forward with... anything. We have many dreams of grandeur. At the time, we were thinking of maybe auditioning to be Disney princesses at Tokyo Disneyland/sea. I had been thinking that by just translating, which for us is kind of the easy life, we were maybe just cruising along and not getting anywhere, and I was wondering if maybe we should be trying to branch out or something. It was bothering me a lot a lot a lot (you know like when Goo's talking to Mac in that one episode of Foster's?), and I was getting brain fevers trying to figure out what to do.

We had a lesson on prayer one Sunday (I'm reminded as I read that entry again), and a really common saying we have in our church is, "When you want to talk to God, pray. When you want God to talk to you, read the scriptures." And we've heard lots of stories about people needing answers and praying about them, then opening up the scriptures and finding a verse that really sticks out to them that totally answers their question (including the story of how our church got founded). So I thought I'd try it out. Not that I thought I'd find anything that specifically answered the question. Like you're not suddenly going to find a verse that says, "And on the morrow, thou shalt go to the grocery store, and there thou shalt find a man of about six-foot-one and a fair complexion, and he shall give thee a spatula. Thou shalt take the spatula and..."

Okay, we had a little bit too much fun with that, but you get the idea. The point is, usually you find something that will trigger a thought process that will help you make the right decision. We think.

Anyway, first I said a prayer, then I opened up the Doctrine and Covenants. I happened to open up to a section that had a verse that said, "it is expedient that you should continue the work of translation." Wow, that was more specific than I thought!

Of course, I did wonder if maybe I was interpreting it wrong, because translating felt like the easy way out, but it is kind of hard to interpret that phrase any other way. So that's what we did--we kept translating, which was nice, because we like translating.

That year at Anime Expo happened to be the one year Yen Press had a booth there. We also happened to find their booth pretty much by coincidence (we didn't know they existed yet--we couldn't have been looking for them). In fact, we almost walked right on by without giving them a second thought, except that their sampler had a picture from Spiral, a series we really wanted to translate. So we asked them if they needed translators, they said sure, and we said, "Oh, we forgot our cards. We'll be back tomorrow." And thus it became, once again, such that our Eisen and Yasuaki costumes became our job hunting costumes. Or something.

The significance of this is that last February is when we got two new titles to translate for Yen Press--the two titles that gave us the financial confidence to start thinking about really going to Japan. And on March 13th, just about exactly one year after I read that scripture, we booked our first flight to Japan. Wow. That's pretty awesome.

(Of course, if we had auditioned to be Disney princesses and succeeded, we would have made it to Japan faster, but we recently(ish) discovered that they don't like Disney princesses to be too tall because it intimidates the children, and we're kinda tall, and we tend to freak out in audition/interview type settings, so I think this way we also saved a lot of heartache and stress.)

Today I'm thankful for having a record of when all this stuff happened, answers to prayer (even when they're less obvious), the scriptures, all the good testimonies we heard in church today, and crazy "coincidences."
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