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I have a kitty on my lap.

But that has nothing to do with this entry.

We definitely have a habit of putting off things we really want to do. I like to think of it as saving the best for last. We haven't played any Dissidia Final Fantasy today. (I kind of get the feeling these last couple of LJ entries make it seem like that's all I think about, but since we've been on vacation for a while, it really kinda is. Well, Dissidia and Lego Star Wars.)

Part of it is that Dissidia has about a bazillion special features, including one that involves how long you play on average every day. It asks what day you get to spend extra time playing, and that's your "special day." We made our special day Friday, so we didn't want to spend all day playing on Saturday, especially the first Saturday after the first Friday. It doesn't have to make sense--that's just how we want to do it. Besides, we have plenty of other things to do, anyway.

But we did finally get a decent amount of play time in yesterday, so now I want to fangirl about Dissidia Final Fantasy!

I never know where to start with these things. Let's see, first we did the prologue, at the end of which is where we finally got to hear all the heroes talk, including the ones that we didn't get to hear in the Trailer of Ultimate Shiny--namely Terra and Bartz. Terra we mostly just wondered about because we always wonder who plays everybody, but Bartz was a character whose voice we were dying to know. This comes mostly because of our great distress over Zidane being played by a girl, but also because we were thinking about it and we were like, "Hey, now all the members of Sanzo Ikkou have been main characters in Final Fantasy! Oh, except for Goku... Unless...!" The unspoken continuation of that unless was "unless he plays Bartz," because we knew the rest of that hero cast, and he doesn't play any of them. Also, we never finish those "unless...!"es because it's much more dramatic that way.

So finally! finally! we got to hear Bartz speak. And wouldn't you know it we were so wrapped up in the actual story that we didn't try hard enough to figure out who it was. Plus he only said like two sentences, and also oh my gosh Zidane is right there! Bartz is hanging out with Zidane! Athena says they did that on purpose to distract us. Pretty sneaky, Nomura. (san.)

So on to the actual game. Each of the Final Fantasy heroes has his/her own storyline that you go through separately, and we're pretty sure they want you not to go in order, because they made sure the Warrior of Light's story had a difficulty of five. So right now we've only gone through Cecil's and Cloud's stories, and it's all great fun, especially because Sephiroth makes us laugh, and we haven't even been following Bishie Hotline. He probably wouldn't make us laugh so much if not for his new jewelry. He's got this whole black ensemble with his long coat and leather straps to hold in his manly chest, and then I guess Tetsuya Nomura wanted to give all the characters a little something to distinguish their Dissidia designs from their regular ones, so now he has this bracelet and this belt. They have dangling light blue and yellow beads hanging from them.

The best I can figure is that the miniature Gullwings ambushed him when they were all hanging out in Kingdom Hearts, and he just never noticed because he's too busy obsessing over Cloud and/or Jenova and/or the Promised Land and/or becoming a god. Man, he's as bad as Ansem. Blah blah darkness blah blah hearts. Anyway, that would be pretty sloppy of him, though, being a legendary hero and all that stuff, so really I don't have a decent explanation unless he actually gets along very well with the Gullwings.

Incidentally, the Dissidia game menu comes equipped with an exceedingly detailed manual/tutorial thing, and each aspect of the game is explained by a different Final Fantasy character. For example, Quistis and Irvine take turns explaining accessories, and Vivi and Steiner tell you all about equipment. Even Penelo from Final Fantasy XII gets a cameo appearance, we suspect because she can talk about all the characters without being biased, because that's her job--explaining all the characters. She's kind of funny about it, too. Like when she explains Garland, she's like, "He looks scary, but maybe he's actually really nice...?" It makes us wonder if someone at Square-Enix is reading 8-Bit Theater, which would be pretty funny. Still, funny as it would be, we're glad they didn't base Warrior of Light on any of those characters.

We really did enjoy Cecil's story, but we giggled about Cloud's a lot more. Part of it was the Sephiroth thing, and part of it was the fact that they had other FF characters making fun of Cloud for the same stuff fans have been making fun of Cloud for for years. For example, they're in one level, and Cloud's like, "We want to avoid unnecessary battle," and Tidus is like, "Yeah, it must be hard swinging that big heavy sword around all the time." Cloud responded with, "It's not heavy," which is part of why any time Cloud complains about anything, our response is now, "Shut up, you like it." And that just makes it even funnier when Cloud wins a battle and says (roughly), "I can't really be happy about this."

Warrior of Light says some pretty funny stuff, too. Like when he wins a battle, he'll sometimes say, "I will engrave this battle in my heart."

We like to laugh at this game, but we really enjoy it other than to laugh at Sephiroth's new jewelry. It's just got a really nice feel to it, and it's gorgeous. I totally want to do a cosplay group, but I don't think I even know enough anime fans anymore, let alone cosplaying ones, alas.

After we finished Cloud's story, it was too late to go on with any others, but not too late to buy sample voices from the shop and see if we could determine who plays Bartz and Terra. So we finally figured out where in the theatre all the sample voices were, and oh my goodness that sounds like it's really him! Bartz might actually be played by Soichiro Hoshi! We'd almost bet on it, but we've been burned before, so until we see credits, we're not going to say anything for sure. But man, that would be crazy. It's actually very rare for us to think, "Wouldn't it be nice if they got this voice actor?" and then have it actually happen.

Of course, afterwards we remembered the Lenna/Higurashi connection and thought of course they'd want to get Keiichi to be Bartz. Still, we haven't seen any credits.

And Terra sounds like she might be the actress who plays Nia in Gurren Lagann, which would also be pretty awesome.

And that's it for our Dissidia Final Fantasy fangirlings for today. Today I'm thankful for finally getting to play a decent amount of Dissidia, hearing the sound of Oreo playing with the new cat toy last night, having more time to read manga today, sample voice theatre, and Sephiroth's new jewelry.
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