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We're infamous!

Actually, by now, that's not really a surprise. But now we have confirmation that there are wild rumors being spread about us. Not that that's much of a surprise either--we just figured they'd die down once we'd been in the ward for a while.

So apparently Mom and her family had another family over for dinner the other night, and they had a daughter who's in our ward (which goes to show once again that just because you're old enough to be in a young single adult ward doesn't mean society expects you to live on your own; not that we're bitter). Mom tells us that this daughter talked about how everyone thinks we're so cool and they call us the Smart Twins (this is also a bit of a mystery to us) and stuff. It was nice to hear all the complimentary stuff.

And then we hear how this girl was surprised to find out that we had relatives nearby. Apparently, a lot of people in our ward have this theory that we were raised in Japan and didn't really think of us with a family. The obvious contradiction to this is that, if we're so obsessed with Japan, why would we leave there to come to a place like this? Sooooo far from Kinokuniya...... And just about everything. I mean literally; this place is very spread out. Mom says it's probably because it was a farm town.

I think it would be fun if the theory about our upbringing also included us being abandoned in one of the remote forests and raised by Tengu, and we could talk to youkai and stuff. For all we know, they did (we only heard the part about us being raised in Japan and nobody really thinking of us having relatives), but I don't think anybody here really knows a whole lot about Japanese mythology. (Although if anyone reading this wants to know more, they should read "tactics" by Sakura Kinoshita and Kazuko Higashiyama. Except that I'd rather not promote ADV manga...)

It would be nice if people would ask us directly, though. It's kind of lonely to know that everyone's talking about you when you know that they're never talking to you. I would go into the psycho-analysis as to why we don't talk to them, but that would get long. Maybe some other time. For now, suffice it to say, we're shy.

But tonight we get to hang out with our imaginary friends, as Nickelodeon has been telling us for a week that there's a new Danny Phantom this week. Whee!!! (Hey, imaginary friends don't have to come from our imagination to be our friends.)
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