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It's kind of funny (to me anyway) how we have this habit of taking things we want to do very badly (supposedly) and never actually doing them. I think it's kind of a, "But we can't just... do that!" thing, because when you want to do something very badly for a long time without being able to do it, the idea of actually doing it seems like something out of a fairy tale, something you dream of but never actually consider doing. And that may or may not be why, despite coming home at two o'clock with a memory stick for our PSP, we still haven't played a second of Dissidia Final Fantasy almost three hours later. We can't just... play Dissidia, after all.

First, we had to eat lunch, because we had the unfortunate timing of not eating lunch before setting out, and thus we were starving. And then we had to put together the new cat toy we bought for the cats, because we were feeling bad for not getting more treats even though Oreo's been pretty good about not begging us to share our dinners with him lately. We came up with the idea that maybe he was trying to hold off on people food as some way to get us, either through karma or "Oh, what a good kitty!", to provide him with cat treats once again, and, having not purchased more cat treats, we felt we had to make it up to him somehow. And thus we put together the new toy we bought, even though we're not entirely sure he'll like it at all.

It's called a rocking roller, and it's a thing that rocks back and forth with a jingle ball hanging from these wire thingies that cross over the top of it, and on the side is a tube with another jingle ball that rolls around. We were a little worried when we discovered that the balls jingle, because Oreo used to run from jingly toys. I don't think he's afraid of them--just that he's kind of embarrassed or something. But Mimsy seemed pretty interested, and Oreo didn't run away, so we think it was at least a partial success. Mimsy managed to turn the thing over once and then I guess she lost interest, and joined us in the bedroom where we were reading manga instead of playing Dissidia Final Fantasy.

See, we were reading manga when Mom showed up, and Mom showed up in the middle of the CD we had put in to listen to with our manga reading. We couldn't just abandon it, because it was our shiny new Brahms CD and it would be sad to abandon it in the middle of the first listening. And we like our manga, too, so of course we wanted to read more.

And so we finally finished reading manga, and now here we are, updating Live Journal instead of playing Dissidia Final Fantasy. And then we're not going to play Dissidia because the cats need to be fed. And we were thinking about it and we were like, "How the heck did all that take three hours?" and then we remembered reading this long talk on The Arts and the Spirit of the Lord, given at a BYU fireside back in '76 that kabochan linked to. It's a good talk, but it's also very long, so that explains where a bunch of time went and helps us feel less like we went through a time warp.

Today I'm thankful for Mimsy showing interest in the new cat toy, having a memory stick for our PSP, Mom being kind enough to drive us to Game Stop, not going through a time warp, and our shiny new Brahms CD.
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