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Happy New Year!!!

We hope everyone's new year has gotten off to a good start. Ours has been interesting so far. I've been going through one of my phases where it seems like there's no way anybody around could possibly like us, which we'd normally just get through with the usual work and video games, but one, we have no work, and two, we had to call people. Not only did we have to call people--we had to call people to ask for favor type things. This was very very nerve-wracking.

The first phone call wasn't so bad--it was just calling Mom like usual, only also asking if we might be able to go to Red Robin's and spend those $5 thingies they sent us, and asking if we could maybe get to Game Stop. Dissidia Final Fantasy hasn't gotten nearly as much playtime as it should have by now.

And then I had to call and work out all the details for our Disneyland trip next week. That wouldn't have been as scary if not for the fact that it's been our dream (or mine anyway...) to stay in the Disneyland Hotel, and we thought January might be a good time to do so. Our ride down there has a friend he can stay with so we only have to reserve one room, but I still kind of feel like a jerk about it, despite the fact that he told me several times that it's okay. I think I've just had too many experiences when someone told us to make the decision, and then we'd make it, and they'd get mad at us for making the wrong one. We guess that in those cases, the people didn't want to be the bad guy by deciding their way, so they thought we'd be the super awesome good guy by deciding their way, only we didn't because of whatever reason and so instead we got to be the bad guys! Yay. Anyway, I think he sounds sincere...

So then I called Disneyland to make the hotel reservation, and after being on hold for a long time, I was in the middle of talking with the lady to make the reservation and I realized I was calling on New Year's day and I felt like a jerk again. At least she got paid for it. And Athena keeps reminding me that, based on how long I was on hold, I probably wasn't the only one being a jerk.

Anyway, after that I spent the rest of the day hiding in Lego Star Wars, and I managed to calm down quite a bit, except I'm still clearly very jumpy or something. I think I've been dwelling on my Issues too much recently. The best thing for it would be to spend time with people, thus proving to myself that I'm thinking too hard, so hopefully we'll get to go to Red Robin's soon.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting True Jedi without having to redo the level again, being done making phone calls for the day, Luke Skywalker, the Ewok theme music, and Imperial March Disco.
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