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We should all cosplay The Law of Ueki!!

We were watching the most recent episode today, and they were flashing back to Sano (for some reason, I refer to everyone in this show by their surname), and apparently, he's left-handed! This makes me happy, because if (when?) we cosplay the series, that's who I want to be, and I'm left-handed too.

So anyway, as I said in the subject line, we should all cosplay The Law of Ueki. I'm not sure who exactly "we all" are, but I'm sure it would be awesome. And not hard to make. I mean really, for Ueki, all you'd have to do is get a button-down shirt and a pair of shorts. A wig would probably help, but it's not entirely necessary. And it would be awesome if they carried little twiggy things in their pocket to pretend they're making trees when posing for pictures.

I have a bad habit of casting the people I know as characters for cosplay before bothering to find out who they like. I usually go with a combination of body-type, personality, and common traits with characters cosplayed in the past. Or sometimes just how much I like them *evil grin*

For example, when I cast our GetBackers cosplay in my head for 2003, I had myself as Kadzuki (obviously), Athena as Ban, Sanzo as Ginji, Gojyo as Dr. Jackal, and Kougaiji as Shido. ...why am I saying this?

This time, I'm casting different people, since I think of different people as actually attending AX. But I'll keep those ideas to myself, unless people are curious.

Now that I'm thinking of it, we're kind of curious as to what people mean by "the Utah Posse" these days. We're thinking it doesn't really include us anymore, since we're not in Utah, but since we were in the Posse (co-founders of the original Posse, in fact) when we were in Utah maybe it does include us?

Anyway! Law of Ueki! Watch it! It's good! And then we can cosplay it!

Although it has been licensed, so maybe people should wait for the DVDs to come out...

Still! Watch it!
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