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Merry Christmas!!!

So my subject lines haven't been very creative lately.

Anyway, Christmas has been lovely, but we haven't had much time to play with our new toys, so that's what we're going to do, especially because we have to stop early for a VERY IMPORTANT reason.

Sci-Fi's having a Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon tonight, and the episode with our dad in it is going to be on at eleven. If you manage to catch this entry before it comes on in your area, the episode is called "Starship Mine"--see if you can catch it! As I mentioned, it's on at eleven in our area (Pacific time zone, of course). Dad plays the character named Neil who knows all the computery technical stuff.

So that all being the case, I will save the full report until tomorrow, and now we're off to eat Chex Mix and then play with toys.

Today I'm thankful for pleasant surprises, people liking the presents we picked, Martin Short "pretending" to be Canadian (to us, that's one of the funniest things about The Santa Clause 3), finding out about Dad's episode of Star Trek being on in time to tape it, and having a very merry Christmas.
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