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I'm already getting a sense that next week is going to be full of a lot of random little things or something. Yesterday we turned in the translation of the last book we had a contract for, so not only did we finish all our work for the rest of the year last week, but this week, we finished almost every book that we have to translate. Actually, we have three books we could translate for one company, and, looking it up, we even have a contract for one of them, but it's not due until the end of March. Of course, if we want to be super far ahead of schedule, we know companies like to get things early...

Anyway, what it all comes down to is we have at least a week off! Yay! And instead of getting right to all the stuff we wish we had more time to do, we sit around wondering if there are things we've been putting off that we ought to do first. And then we decide that we're going to probably be cleaning next week anyway so we don't have to do too much of that today, and we end up doing silly things. Like going to Disney's online shop and playing around with the idea of personalized DS skins. Only we decided that they don't have all the kinds of pictures we need to make it perfect so they fail, and perhaps we'll e-mail them about it later. Seriously, I understand catering to the casual fan, but surely there are more hardcore fans than the two of us, and I know that we, at least, would be willing to shell out lots of money to have (for example) a Little Mermaid themed DS skin with not only Ariel, but also Sebastian, Flounder, and Prince Eric. I want to say, "Come on, Disney. Get with the program."

Another random thing we did today was pull out all the Wildlife Explorer cards we've been getting for the past... what, two years? and organize them into the binders they sent for them. They've got a lot of neat animals in there, so it was pretty fun. Except for the fact that I'm squeamish, and they couldn't seem to resist having as many pictures of predatory animals eating as possible. They had a shrew! A tiny little shrew! eating a dead animal. It's really sad for animals like the golden eagle, too, because it's so pretty but I can't stand to look at the picture. At least the snowy owl wasn't eating. Or the arctic fox. Arctic foxes are made of adorable.

And so I get the feeling the coming week will be a lot like this. Only maybe with more DVD watching. The second thing up there was even a little bit productive, so maybe we'll actually get some stuff done. Oh right! we also copied all our translations onto one of our shiny new flash drives! And there's still a ton of space left! Yay! I can just imagine how cool it would be to be an artist and have a flash drive as your portfolio. You could take it with you everywhere, and it would even fit in your pocket! That's just cool. I already said that. Oh well.

Right, I was going to talk about scaring the cats (not on purpose!). Athena was taking out the trash, and when she opened the door to come back inside, Mimsy dashed out! (And Firefox is trying to tell me "dashed" isn't a word. What the heck?) We were told a looooooong time ago when we had different managers that we're not really supposed to let our cats walk around outside too much, but we figured it would probably be okay if we carried them, just so they could see what the outside looked like. Oreo didn't want to be picked up, though, so Athena took Mimsy and showed her around a little bit. It didn't take long for Oreo to be curious enough to let his guard down so I could pick him up, too. It also didn't take long for either of them to start meowing forlornly. So we took them back inside, where Oreo ran away whenever we showed the tiniest sign of getting close to him. Apparently he really does not want to go back to the vet.

Today I'm thankful for having all our Wildlife Explorer cards organized (except maybe a packet that got left on the kitchen table; we'll fix that soon enough), herbivores (after finding a bunch of carnivores eating, I found the koala card, and I was like, "Thank you for being an herbivore, koala!"), getting around to the random and seemingly unimportant things, having some more time off, and everyone being safe and sound inside.
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