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More Gundam Seed goodness

I figure it's about time I post the next in the series of Suit CD drama translations. I think this one is my favorite, although I really like the fifth one too. And I love the ones about Torii... They're just all so great!

Anyway, same thing for this one as the others--no spoilers (unless you're an anti-spoiler Nazi like us, in which case you'd want to have seen the first episode with Lacus), and friendly to people who haven't seen the series. This one and the next two are a lot shorter than the first two, so, if you don't have the patience to read long things, this one will be a lot easier to get through. And it's adorable.

It may lose some of the effect reading it, since you can't hear Lacus's laughing, so if you haven't seen Lacus, imagine something like a very excited Starfire from Teen Titans. And if you haven't seen either one, then... um...

Well anyway... Just a small note, the translation of Haro's lines are taken from an English-speaking Haro found in Gundam Seed Destiny. And we use "she" for the pronoun because it's pink, and Lacus probably wouldn't refer to anything as "it."

Oh yeah! If you missed the first two and would like to read them, the first one is here and the second one is here.

And now, presenting...

Lacus: Good afternoon.
       I’m Lacus Clyne.
Athrun: Pleased to meet you.
       I’m Athrun Zala.
It was only a week ago that my father told me I would me her as my fiancée. Fiancée… Fiancée? Fiancée!? But! How can he just!? That’s insane! …I thought, but more than anything, I was surprised that it should be Lacus Clyne.
Lacus: Here you are.
Athrun: !!
       Uh, um, th-thanks…
While I was in a state of shock, time passed, and before I knew it, I found myself in a situation where the girl my father arranged for me to meet, whom I had only seen in pictures before, the number one most popular singing idol on all the PLANTs, was standing right in front of me. I mean, I don’t hate her songs, and she herself is really pretty, and seems very nice, but suddenly being engaged like that, even she must be at a loss.
Lacus: I see your hair is blue, Athrun.
       Then, I wonder if our children will have purple hair!
Athrun: *choke*
Lacus: Oh, my.
Athrun: *gag, cough*
       I’m sorry. *cough*
Lacus: Oh, no. I’m sorry.
       Do you not like mint tea?
Athrun: *cough*
       No… it’s not that…
Lacus: Then maybe I should get you some rose tea?
       Oh, or maybe chamomile?
Athrun: *sigh*
Okappi: *robot noises*
Lacus: Go ask Miss Alice for some coffee, please
Okappi: *robot noises*
Is she doing this on purpose? Or…is she really like this?
Lacus: By the way…
Athrun: Oh, uh, yes?
Lacus: When will we get married?
Athrun: *choke*
J-just wait a minute…!
Lacus: You and I are only fourteen, right?
       I do feel like it’s a little early for marriage…
Athrun: No, um, before that…
Lacus: Yes?
Athrun: Well, that is… I mean
Lacus: Yes.
Athrun: Are you…
       Ahh, I mean
       Are you really
       With marrying me?
Lacus: Eh?
She says. Why is she so surprised at that?
Lacus: You can ask me that, but I don’t really know you very well…
Athrun: Exactly. Right? That’s what I mean!
Lacus: So I don’t really know if it would be good or bad.
Athrun: Guh…
       You’re right…
Lacus: What about you?
Athrun: Eh?
Lacus: How do you feel about it, Athrun?
       Are you alright with marrying me?
Athrun: N-n-no, um, you see, that is…
Lacus: Oh my.
       You aren’t?
Athrun: N-n-n-n-no!! I don’t mean!!
Lacus: Then you are?
Athrun: Uuhhh…
Lacus: Uuhhh… augh…?
       Please, what does that mean?
Athrun: *sigh*
I want to go home.
*malfunctioning robot noises*
Lacus: Oh! Okappi!
Athrun: Nn?
Lacus: What’s the matter, Okappi?
       Hang in there!
She says to a machine.
Athrun: It’s in pretty bad shape.
Lacus: Yes. Since I rode on him the other day, he just hasn’t been well.
Athrun: Huh? You rode on it?
       On this?
Lacus: Yes.
       We were taking a walk together,
       And Okappi walks slowly, so I got bored
       So I thought maybe it would be fun if I could ride on Okappi like I did when I was little.
Athrun: *sigh*
No matter how you look at it, this thing can’t hold even 10Kg…
Lacus: He used to walk everywhere, even with me riding him…
Lacus: Once he started making those noises and stopped moving, and Miss Alice looked at
       him, but he still gets like this from time to time…
       He’s been my friend since I was small, so I hope he gets well soon…
She says, but machines don’t get better on their own.
Athrun: If you don’t mind, I could take a look at him.
Lacus: Eh?
Athrun: I like tinkering with machines, so if I could borrow some tools…
Lacus: Oh! Thank you very much!

*tinker tinker*
Lacus: Aaah…!
Athrun: There are a lot of worn parts, but it’s not a very complex machine,
       So if you just make sure to maintain it properly, it’ll still move.
       Don’t put anything too heav… ahh, I mean, that is
       People shouldn’t ride it though.
Lacus: Is he better!?
Athrun: Yes, well, for now.
Lacus: Aaahhh!
       Thank you so much, Athrun!
       That’s amazing!
Athrun: Oh, no, it’s nothing to be so impressed about…
Lacus: No, he’s been my friend since I was a baby! I really am very happy!
       This is wonderful, Okappi!
Okappi: *bee-bee-beep*
Athrun: (Then you should have just taken him to get repaired.)
Lacus: *gasp* Is something wrong?
Athrun: N-no!
Okappi: *beep beep*
Lacus: Kyaah! Wonderful, wonderful!
       Let’s go for a walk, Okappi!
Okappi: *bee-beep*
Lacus: Come on, Okappi!
A pink fairy…she’s sometimes called. I really do feel like she lives outside of the human world. But, well…

Haro: Hello! Are you fine?
Lacus: My!
Haro: Hello, hello!
Lacus: Who is this?
Athrun: Um, well, it’s Haro.
Haro: Let’s play?
Lacus: Eh? With me?
Athrun: It’s programmed with simple vocabulary.
       You can still add more.
Haro: Hello!
       La-cu-su! Hello!
Lacus: Aaah! She called my name!
Athrun: Yes, well… it’s programmed that way
Lacus: Did you make her, Athrun?
Athrun: I thought you might like something like this, so…
Lacus: She’s so cute!
       Oh, what will I do?
Athrun: It’s nothing that great…
Haro: Hello! I’m fine!
Lacus: Yes! Lacus is fine, too!
Haro: Let’s play?
Lacus: Yes, let's play!
Haro: Hello! Hello!
Lacus: I am Lacus. La-cu-su
       Do you like to go on walks, Haro?
Haro: Hello, hello!
Lacus: Oh, I see!
       That’s wonderful.
Haro: Hello, La-cu-su
*sigh* I get the feeling that now she’s living even farther outside the human world. But, well… oh well.
Lacus: She’s an engagement present, isn’t she? Athrun.
Athrun: E-eehh?
Lacus: Oh! Am I wrong?
Athrun: N-no, um…
       About that, I still…
Lacus: *laugh*
Athrun: Nn?
Lacus: You’re right. It’s still a little too early
       For us, with everything
Athrun: Eh?
Lacus: Let’s get to know each other better
       Alright? Haro-chan, too!
Haro: Hello! I’m fine!
Athrun: *sigh* Yes, let’s.

And cue "Shizuka na Yoru ni"! Isn't it adorable!?
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