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Woe and pizza

Now that Mimsy has moved away from in front of the keyboard, I can finally start typing! Yay! Or maybe not so yay, since this might be a bit of a grumpy post. See, we learned something today that indicated that the format that we love oh-so-much because of how (not) easy it makes it for us to do our job is either A)completely unimportant (which would make it even stupider than it already is), or B)in fact designed not to help letterers at all but to make life as exceedingly easy as possible for adapters (and you all know how much we love the idea of our translations being rewritten). We probably would have ignored it, but today we were working with that very format, so it's kind of hard to forget. As it is, it's been over a year since they started using this format and I still haven't grown apathetic about it, and this did nothing to help with the yaruki.

Incidentally, I thought about using the English word for yaruki instead (roughly "motivation"), but "yaruki" just sounds so much more fun.

Fortunately, we were also working with the Miyashita family, and they did a most excellent job of cheering us up and keeping up morale.

In other news, we have plans to go Christmas shopping today. We were a little concerned about them (and about Mom herself), though, because we knew Mom was in Los Angeles last night, and apparently the cold weather brought snow, I guess, so the highway between here and there got shut down. It didn't help that when I called Mom around lunch time to remind her, she didn't pick up. Fortunately (again), when I called just a little while ago, she was back safe and sound.

In sad news, we tried to watch Planetes the other night, and we were all happy because it was finally an episode where nobody died (that's an exaggeration, but there is a surprising amount of death), and right at the climax, the disc started not working. And they had to ship this one all the way from Texas, so there's no telling how long it could take to get a replacement. Maybe we should just buy the series (on the bright side of the malfunction, while we were messing around trying to get it to work, we discovered they have Japanese commentaries! yay!!).

And in happy news, yesterday we ordered pizza, finally. We'd actually been thinking about it for a long long time, but we never got around to it for one very crucial reason: it always takes forever to get to us. And almost every time, the delivery person has to call and ask for help finding our apartment, and it's just a little more awkward than I prefer to deal with. But we were determined this time, so I sucked it up and called. The phone rang. And rang. And rang. No answer. So I tried again. The phone rang. And rang. And rang. Still no answer.

So we decided we'd try ordering online. We started calling instead of ordering online because we had gotten the feeling that they're more efficient with phone orders, and we've had more than one situation where the pizza was more than an hour late when we ordered on line (and by late I mean it came an hour after the predicted delivery time, not an hour from when we ordered). So even though we ordered online, we did it, for our own sanity and guarantee of getting something to eat, under the assumption that it was all an illusion and there really wouldn't be any pizza.

Much to our surprise, there really was pizza! And! it even came on time! AND! the delivery guy didn't have to call for directions! Unbelievable! (Imagine that with a Japanese accent--it's way cuter♥)

And thus end our tales of woe, delivery from woe, and delivery of pizza. Today I'm thankful for the pizza guy finding our place on time (I wish I had had more cash to give him a bigger tip), Mom being back safe and sound, plans to go Christmas shopping tonight, Mimsy letting me use the keyboard (can you imagine if she just lived on it? that would be difficult), and the Miyashitas making it all better.
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