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I'm not sure what to update about today. We finished Kieli II a week before deadline, so now we're on our novel-free work schedule, which gives us about an extra hour every day, and that's really nice. We like, have time to do stuff. Not that we didn't have time to do stuff before, just that it feels like we have so much more time to do stuff. And it's only an hour! We played Final Fantasy V for four hours last night, and I was like, "Wow, four hours is a long time." It was fun of course, but the thought also occurred to me that with four hours, we could watch one of the DVDs in the Pile o'UnwatchedDVDs, and still have lots of time for video games. The mind boggles.

On top of that, New Series went so fast, we finished work early today, so we used the time to do productive things like make a spreadsheet to help us keep track of our contracts and finances, and open a savings account. Today has been a day of Super Productivity. We even did some research on Christmas present ideas, and called Mom to arrange to go buy said presents.

And in the meantime, I don't know what to talk about. Athena was listing random things, and since we were discussing the possibility of ordering pizza, that was one of the things, and I thought, "Maybe I can make a post about pizza."

Pizza has been a staple in our life since as long as we can remember. Mom even keeps telling the story of one year at Thanksgiving, when we were very very young, she went all out and made the Thanksgiving feast... and none of us ate it. So for years after that, we ordered sausage pizza from Domino's instead. The sausage was Mom's idea, but I think as we got older we got even pickier about what we eat, and now our favorite is cheese pizza. This was a cause of constant annoyance to Mom, who would always complain that we'd get a whole other pizza to feed only two people, when the other five all liked the pizza with meat. It took us years to figure out that the majority of our family actually preferred cheese, too.

We don't only eat cheese pizza, of course. I remember the first time we ate pepperoni pizza. We were babysitting a couple of little girls from church, who also happened to be twins, and we had pizza for lunch. And we tried the pepperoni, but I can't remember how we were convinced. I'd say hunger, but that actually factors in very very rarely. Anyway, we decided we didn't hate it, so now we eat pepperoni pizza too, and whenever we think Mom's going to complain about having to order a cheese pizza, we make sure to say they can order pepperoni if they want, but everyone else likes cheese, as I said. The problem with pepperoni, though, is that it makes you very very thirsty, so you have to make sure you won't be in a situation where you're away from water for too long afterward. Like you don't want to go for a long car ride without a water bottle.

The best pizza ever created is Pizza Hut's cheesy bites pizza. Whoever invented that is a genius. But they haven't had it in a very long while, so I don't know if we'll ever see it again. But they did have it twice, so maybe. And all this pizza talk is making us want to order some. The question is whether to do it tonight, or wait until Thursday or later, when we'll have a little more cash. Hmmm...

Today I'm thankful for having lots of time these days, pepperoni, sticky bun dough blasts at Sonic's (though they'd probably be better with a higher ice cream to dough ratio), spreadsheets, and random writing prompts.
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