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We have finished all our work for the year!! Yay!!! With two and a half weeks to go! We even turned in our translation of the second Kieli novel! Kieli novels are interesting to turn in, because they take so long to work on (partially because of how we divide our time) that it gets to be a little hard to imagine that it no longer requires any work. We had been working on this one for like four months, so it's kind of hard to believe it's really finished. It's the kind of thing that makes me panic and want to make sure to back it up just in case something goes horribly wrong and we have to reformat our hard drive. But we turned it in, and now it's backed up on Gmail! Yay!

In other news, we did not get a Wii yesterday, despite all the signs at Game Stop saying "Now in stock!!" We didn't think it would be appropriate to buy ourselves another expensive Christmas present before we finished shopping for everyone on our list, especially since we were supposedly at the mall to begin with to buy Sarah a bridal shower gift, which we ended up not buying. But we did get her a Christmas present! But I'm so panicked about whether or not she'll like it. We instituted a new system this year, where we each get a present for someone who's going to be present at the official Christmas gathering (and their spouse, in the case of newlyweds), and Sarah was like, "I hope one of the Twins gets me, because they're the best gift-givers!" And then Athena got Sarah. No pressure, right? Oy. If only Disneyland had had the gifts we wanted! Argh.

We watched Bus Gamer last night, and it was pretty awesome. The Polynesian dancers weren't in the manga, so I figured that was the director's or someone's idea, and it reminded me of the "Hula girls!" joke in Freakazoid! (you know the episode where he goes through time and finds himself at Pearl Harbor?). It just doesn't sound as good when you don't say it out loud. Ah well.

In the extras, the voice actors played a neat game called "Kuro-hige no Kiki Ippatsu (Blackbeard's Close Call)!" There's this pirate in a barrel, and each of the players take turns sticking a sword in the barrel, and if Blackbeard jumps out of the barrel, then they lose. It was awesome, and I think it would be fun to own that game. And the losers had to play a penalty game. Each of them had ordered three drinks (I guess in the course of filming the extras for each of the three DVDs), making nine drinks total, which they mixed all together for the losers to drink. It consisted of peach nectar, tomato juice, cola, coffee, Red Bull, pineapple nectar, cafe au lait, cranberry juice, and clamato juice. And the look on Kenichi Suzumura's face as he drank it. Poor guy.

Then we were pinned to the couch by kitties (or Athena was; they didn't like me last night, I guess), so we watched Host Club, where we noticed that in episode 6, sometimes the voices for Hikaru and Kaoru are switched. Or the two of them were messing with the parts in their hair. I think the best way to find out for sure would be to screencap those scenes, and screencap a scene from another episode, and compare their hair colors with Photoshop or some other graphic editor that lets you use the eyedropper to determine what amount of blue, green, and red is in each color. Because their hair colors are ever so slightly different.

Today I'm thankful for more awesome Bus Gamer extras, not having to drink that vile concoction, awesome new game ideas, getting to buy a few Christmas presents, and being done with all our work for the rest of the year (but we'll probably still work next week).
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