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We just got a shiny package! Yay! Or actually, we got it about four hours ago, but we didn't open it until now, because we were working. On DN Angel♥ And we finished going over the whole book twice in one day! Yippee!!

Anyway, we just got Bus Gamer 3 from CD Japan (along with some region 2 volumes of Host Club), with the exciting non-conclusion of the anime!! Yay!!! But more importantly, we got an adorable postcard that has a picture of Mt. Fuji on it (at least, we assume it's Mt. Fuji; it usually is on these things, but this one is almost scarily active-looking) and says "Seasons Greetings: Hope your Holidays are packed with cheers! ありがとう! From all of us at CD Japan." It makes me happy.

As expected, work was awesome today. Dark and Daisuke and Satoshi are the best. And now we get to finish work early, because we should have plenty of time to finish up Kieli tomorrow. Yay again!! I'll probably use the time to practice Melodies of Life some more. Our Final Fantasy IX obsession has us wanting to master playing/singing it. I'm not entirely sure it will keep up, but it would be nifty if it does. I'm using all kinds of unusual words today! Okay, so two. But still.

Or maybe the logical thing to do would be to use the extra time to watch our extra shinies. But that's what the weekend is for. Besides, we've already seen Host Club, and therefore it can wait until Saturday. But we probably will watch Bus Gamer today.

Huh. I kind of feel like sometimes ours is a lonely excitement. Like today was very exciting, working on DN Angel, but it's really hard to just share that on LJ. Plus, I already wrote a review of DN13.

...and just as I write about how I can't really share our excitement, excitement comes in the form of Mom offering to take us to the mall to buy shower gifts for Sarah. So I better hurry and finish this.

Today I'm thankful for the chance to master playing Melodies of Life, our happy postcard from CD Japan, the fun comments we make while translating (maybe one day I'll remember some of them so I can share), the opportunity to go shopping for presents, and the opportunity to use new words.

Man, we could use some more DN Angel icons.
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