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I think I've talked about this before, but it's getting harder and harder to be excited about the things we're working on now when we look at all the things we're going to be working on next. It's like, "But I wanna translate that noooowww!" It's sad, too, because I really do like all the things we're working on. But we should get to start on something new next week! But on the other hand, that's kind of scary, because starting new things is always scary, because you never know how well it's going to go. And this new one has potential for hard sciencey terms. But before that, we get to work on DN Angel, which is finally starting to seem exciting again. See? Impatience can overshadow even our favorite things. This is not a good thing.

In the meantime, we've been thoroughly enjoying Final Fantasy V. We're having a hard time understanding why so few people seem to like it. We're also wondering if we should have spelled Rena's name "Lenna" when translating Higurashi, since it's her nickname anyway and we know she was named after FF5's Lenna. And she even looks just like Lenna! (The sprite, not the Amano art; Yoshitaka Amano's art is very unique.) But we guess everyone would have been used to Rena from various fan translations of things, so it's probably fine. Especially because it's probably how Geneon was spelling it. It would have been neat, though. Ah well.

With Dissidia Final Fantasy getting ever closer, we've been listening to a bunch of Final Fantasy music while translating (we don't really have any Kieli music, so we just go with whatever strikes our fancy). As it turns out, this is very dangerous, because it reminds us of how incredibly awesome Final Fantasy IX is, and we certainly don't have time to play that. It doesn't help that there's some music in FF5 that has a few bars that are exactly like Kuja's theme. Exactly like it! And Kuja has pretty awesome theme music. And he's played by our favorite voice actor! But only in Dissidia Final Fantasy, which isn't out yet.

On a completely random note, we've decided it could be neat, next time we go to Japan, to look up Toshihiko Seki's theatre troupe and see if they're doing any plays. Or maybe Kentaro Itou's theatre troupe, since they apparently do plays of Banri Hidaka manga. That would be awesome. Yes, that would be very awesome indeed.

Instead of working on our next manga project today, we spent a day proofreading Kieli some more. We're making much better time now (or rather, we're far enough ahead now from using extra time that it's okay to go a little slower), but it really is the next thing we have due. But another potential reason we decided to do that instead of working on DN Angel is that we thought it would be a nice symmetry, with two days of Kamichama Karin chu, a day of Kieli, and two days of DN Angel. These are the kinds of things we make plans around.

And this has been various fangirl ramblings.

Today I'm thankful for the smell of delivery, Kuja's theme music, getting to work on DN Angel tomorrow, chronological symmetry (sort of), and fun ideas for our next trip to Japan.
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