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Endings lead to new beginnings

Today we turned in the last volume of Kamichama Karin chu, and now I'm a little sad. It ended nicely, but there's one thing we still need to see before we're satisfied. Koge-Donbo says there will still be some extra Karin stories in Nakayoshi, so I think we might get to see it if we keep up with her next Nakayoshi title. I guess we could get a subscription to Nakayoshi, but we don't have room for all those manga magazines (have you seen manga magazines? they're huge), or time to read them. So I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

In the meantime, just as partings always come with new encounters, as one title leaves, another one comes along. This theory actually doesn't always hold true, but in this case it does! And thus we got a new title from TokyoPop. So we're pretty excited about that, but of course it's still confidential. We keep feeling like we never get new titles, but that's not true, either, because we still have a title from Del Rey that we haven't even worked on yet. (It's the second-and-a-half thing on our list!) But either way, getting new titles is always very happy♪ (Especially when we don't have to turn them down.)

The ward Christmas party last night was about as entertaining as we expected. We're just not very good at mingling, so we tend to get bored a lot. But there's always someone we end up talking to, so it's never a total bust. And we achieved our true goal in going, which was to find Anton and ask him what the deal was with going to Disneyland this month. (We knew he'd be there, because he's in charge of taking pictures of people with Santa.) Unfortunately, it looks like we won't be going. There are very good reasons for this, so we're not too upset (besides, we have lots of fun manga to work on in the meantime), and the disappointment(?) was made up for by the presence of chocolate pie, but it does mean we'll have to look elsewhere for our Christmas shopping. Disneyland was so perfect, too, because we knew no one else on our Christmas list would be buying presents for people there. Oh well, we'll just have to be more creative.

We were thinking it might be fun to take our Host Club quiz and post the results again, but it looks like Quizilla took it down. Sad. And it was such a fun quiz. Oh well. Maybe we'll post it again sometime with better pictures. Or maybe we won't because there are so many other Host Club quizzes out there now. But ours was awesome.

Today I'm thankful for getting offered that new title, getting to finish work early today, that CD blackhope mixed for us before his mission, getting to see the video where the Saiyuki cast sings "blow winds," and getting to eat chocolate pie last night.
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