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Some people may be wondering about this, so let us explain. In Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, they started this new 3-D sound thing which is really, really cool. But for it to work, you have to be playing a character (because they're talking to you), and they have you imagine that you're a soldier who eventually has to get his leg amputated.

Anyway, we figured it's about time we get some new away messages. We'd been using the default for waaaaay too long. So now we have some fun ones. They're mostly designed to indicate what we're doing, but since most of what we're doing involves watching anime, we thought it would be fun to have a different one for each genre. So far all we have is mecha, and it's an old one (but a good one). But Athena came up with a good general one for when we're doing something we don't have a more specific one for, so it's all good.

Meanwhile, we seem to have been forgotten yet again. Mom and Steve were strangely inviting (meaning they were inviting us to stuff, which is strange) on Saturday when they drove us to the bank, asking if we wanted to go to the car show, and then asking if we might want to join them for their family home evening on Tuesday (today). We were very clear on the fact that we were not interested in playing frisbee, so it could be that that's why they never called and confirmed, like they said they would.

It's probably for the best that we didn't join them (especially if they were playing frisbee), as things rarely turn out well when we do, so we don't mind. But of course, being the crazy (meaning bored) conspiracy theorists that we are, we have to theorize as to why they're inviting us to stuff despite our lack of Celeste or Aurora.

It all seems to come down to last week's young single adult ward FHE, where we met Stake President Parker. He said something like, "And your mom's married to Brother Strong..." which of course set us off. It's not that I feel the need to bash Steve every chance I get... okay, so maybe it is, but I also have a habit of being brutally honest, as I'm sure some people have noticed lately. Eheh. The exaggerated flinch was probably unnecessary though.

So we explained to Pres. Parker that we didn't like Steve, and that many plans and dreams were set far back by their marriage, and how we didn't like that Mom was so eager for us to finish college in four years but practically kicked us out of our home almost as soon as we did. And we talked about how we felt Mom rushed into the marriage, and how our not liking Steve resulted in him not liking us, etc. Thinking about it now, we actually gave him a pretty abbreviated version.

We didn't think much of it (Athena thought perhaps she had been a bit too bitter), until I had to call Mom to ask her to drive us to the bank. She mentioned that they had spoken with Pres. Parker recently, and he said something about how apparently we don't like living in Fresno. I actually had to laugh, because I really couldn't see why that would have surprised her. I mean, I really like that we have a place to live, and the fact that it's in Fresno (Clovis, actually) doesn't really affect it, since we rarely leave the house anyway. Although it was much easier to get around Glendale, and we hate being so far from Disneyland and Kinokuniya (a fact which we have expressed to many people on many occasions).

Later I was thinking that, based on that conversation, I would have thought we disliked Steve (and possibly even Mom) more than we disliked Fresno (which is probably true, because it's not Fresno's fault that it's so far from everywhere we want to go), so I really wonder what Pres. Parker said to them. But I think that's probably why they invited us to FHE. I don't think it bothered them that much, though, or they wouldn't have forgotten about us.

Unless they were playing frisbee.
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