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Return to Neverland

Last night, I don't know how it happened, but something reminded Kimee of Disney's "sequel to Peter Pan," Peter Pan II: Return to Neverland. So she started talking about it, which we normally would have let her keep doing, but since the Disney Movie Club had a momentary lapse in proper record keeping and accidentally decided we bought it, and we therefore have a copy and intended one day to watch it probably, we had to make her stop so as not to spoil anything. That being the case, when we got home last night, we figured it wouldn't be a bad night to finally watch the thing. And our opinion of Disney sequels still stands.

It probably didn't help this movie that we recently(ish) decided that Peter Pan is one of our very favoritest Disney films, which means we're going to be a little pickier. Well, actually it could mean we'll be more lenient because we're happy just to see more Peter, but since they kind of messed up his personality, we ended up being pickier. Why don't they ever figure out how to keep the characters in character? It's not like it's hard.

Wow, for all the ranting we do about these things to each other, when it comes to typing it all out, I lose a lot of coherency. Ah well.

Anyway, first, there was Peter. They got him right to an extent, but not a very big one. They seemed to have forgotten the most important part of Peter's personality: Peter is obsessed with Peter. And he's your typical stupid boy. So when Jane is setting off on her raft, I don't care how sympathetic he is to her plight, he's still gonna laugh at her when it sinks. It was like he kept switching between Nice Peter and Stupid Peter, when really, he has a very good balance the whole time.

Aside from the characters being messed up, there were a bunch of problems with the story. First of all, how did Captain Hook's ship fly without pixie dust? And how did he know where to find Wendy? If they didn't kill the crocodile in the first movie, why did they need a new monster? If it was for comedic purposes, I think they failed. Jane probably would never have gotten to Neverland, because she didn't believe in it, and believing in Neverland is kind of how the whole place works.

But most of all, the problem, I think, was Jane. I can understand her whole "wanting to be all grown up because we're in a war and I have to be strong" thing, but man. It's hard to describe how angry she makes me. I think the biggest problem I have with her is that during the entire movie, she's basically trying to act all grown up--pretending to be something she's really not (this is indicated by her listening sneakily to Wendy telling a story to Daniel when she was supposedly listening to the radio)--and by the end of it, I'm not entirely sure she's learned anything at all. Seriously, a musical number and "By the way, Tink's dying because of you!" and suddenly she cares? I'm not buying it. (Speaking of which, I seriously doubt Peter would have been captured so easily, but, as Athena points out, we have a weakness for heroes getting captured, so we would have let that one slip if the rest of the movie hadn't been so dumb.)

So anyway, I kind of get the feeling that Disney's trying to get themselves out of the "oppressed women" stereotype by having girl characters like Jane being the ones to fight the main villain and save the day. That's fine; I loved Mulan. But I really think that Jane is a much weaker person than Wendy. You don't have to be a fighter to be strong, after all, and Wendy was much better at controlling the Lost Boys than Jane ever was. Personally, after that wonderful number about how gross the Lost Boys are, we can't see why in the world Jane would want to be the first Lost Girl. And you know, in the book, James Barrie point out that there are no lost girls, because girls are too smart to fall out of their prams and get lost. If the Lost Boys made me a Lost Girl, I'd be insulted.

And! Argh! And! why is it that saying "I don't believe in fairies" kills Tinkerbell (incidentally, I thought it would be more like Raid--kills pixies dead), but she doesn't have to say "I do believe in fairies" to bring her back? It's great that she does believe now and all, but she should have to say it, especially because I don't believe she really meant it when she said she didn't believe. That's like saying it's okay to think someone's stupid and strongly imply that you think someone is stupid as long as you don't say it, but you don't need to ever say "thank you" or "I'm sorry" or "I love you," because it'll just come through. Stupid. Communication is such a dying art, and movies like this Aren't Helping.

We probably would have also let the animation slide if the rest of the movie hadn't bugged us so much. Everybody looked extra goofy (more cartoony and less feature-film-y (and you're telling me this one was in theaters?)), the backgrounds all seemed more cartoony, and the computer animation blended terribly with the classical. Bad form, movie. Aww, poor movie; it's not your fault. People! Make better movies!

So then we watched episode five of Host Club to make ourselves feel better. We would have watched Disney's original Peter Pan movie, but it was late, and we thought we might want to get to bed on time. Then we almost got sucked into looking up Kingdom Hearts information, so our plan almost failed anyway, but we didn't get to bed much later than usual.

Today I'm thankful for good movie directors, good art directors for movies, the genkifying powers of Host Club, getting to work on Kamichama Karin chu today, and it going about as quickly as expected.
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