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Later today we will be going over to Mom's house to celebrate Sarah's birthday, which actually happened a week ago, but they were out of town, so the birthday dinner is this week. Friday was Walt Disney's birthday, too, and since Snow White is "Sarah's princess," and her movie was Walt Disney's first, we might try to lobby to watch that one. We'll see what happens.

But anyway, because I'm a brat, I want to point out that the reason we were given that we didn't have any dinner or anything for our birthday is that we were out of town. Of course, it was partially our fault, because, if we had had a dinner, we would have chosen the main dish, but because we have such unusual taste, chances are everyone else would have been eating something else anyway, and that kind of defeats the purpose of having one night a year when, supposedly, we all get to eat our favorite dinner. So we pointed that out and said we didn't care all that much. But that doesn't mean we don't want other people to care! We think it's part of human nature that sometimes, you just want someone else to care for you. But that's no excuse for poor communication! So we brought it on ourselves. Sort of. Oh well.

Anyway. Let's see. What happened lately? We had tithing settlement today. That's when we go in to see our bishop and let him know officially if we paid a full ten percent of our income to tithing during the year. And since he doesn't get much chance to talk to us any other time, he talked to us about other stuff, like our calling. We've been in the library for two years now, and usually they like to try to shuffle things around and give people a chance to do other things, but Bishop told us that they just can't think of anyone else who would make good librarians. So we'll probably be the ward librarians until we move out of the ward. And in the meantime, if anyone wants me to play the piano, I get to have two callings! (Like I do now, actually.)

Sometimes being in the library can get a little boring and lonely, though. But today we realized that there are lots and lots of popsicle sticks in the library (they use them to wrap masking tape around, so the Sunday school teachers can check out a little bit of tape without taking an entire roll), and maybe we could start doing some arts and crafts! We probably won't, because we're lazy (well, that and we'd probably be like, "Okay, time to make something! ...Now what are we going to make?" and then hem and haw for a while until we finally decide that we don't care enough to do anything anyway), but it's a fun idea anyway.

Oh right, tomorrow is the ward Christmas party. Every year they have a white elephant gift exchange, which in this case means "gift you didn't pay much money for" more than anything else. So we were thinking we might bring one (or I guess two, since there are two of us) comp copies of manga to give away (since for us, they're free), thus spreading the joy of manga. But on the other hand, we hate to part with our comp copies, so we're having a hard time bringing ourselves to do it. I mean, of course we won't need all three copies, but if we give them away, we won't have three or even one anymore. But assuming we could come to terms with that bit of selfishness, we'd then have to decide which manga to part with. Of all the comp copies we have, I Hate You♥ is the one we think of as safest genre-wise. But the title might put people off. We know a lot of people like Ace Attorney, but if whoever gets that manga hasn't played the games, they might not like it as much. But then again, it might get them interested in the game. It's just so hard to decide. Maybe we'll just leave them all home after all. Besides, there's a strong possibility that whoever gets it will be like, "What's this?" and ignore it forever or even *gasp!* throw it away.

Today I'm thankful for being trusted, having a ride to the ward Christmas party, having Muppet Christmas Carol on DVD, fun ideas for ways to spend time in the library, and having fudge and other goodies to look forward to later.
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