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Happy indeed.

The maintenance team we have at our apartment right now is seriously the best. And apparently they're so much the best that they've fixed everyone else's apartment to a point where they don't have anything to do, because we hadn't been back from reporting our not-working heater for two minutes before they showed up to fix it. The guy figured out right away what the problem was, and he fixed it really fast but it still wasn't working for one very important reason: our thermostat has been broken for the past three to four years.

We didn't think much of it at the time. All we knew was that if we moved the switches a certain way, air of different temperatures would start filling the apartment, and that was good enough for us. But we also knew that the thermostat wouldn't automatically turn things off when it got to the right temperature like it was supposed to, so we had to make sure to turn it off ourselves. Come to think of it, I think I'd forgotten that part, except for the part that we had to turn it off ourselves (just not why). Actually, the heat (or cold in the summer) would turn off, but the fan kept going, and in the winter, that's bad. So, since we're in central California and it only gets cold enough to snow for maybe a few hours in the nights of the colder months, we had developed a habit of turning on the heater for half an hour once before lunch and once before bed, and suffer the cold the rest of the time (although we did keep it on overnight a couple of times when it was reeeeally cold (relatively)).

Anyway, the maintenance guy realized that the thermostat wasn't working the way it should, and so! he replaced it! And now we have a working heater and a working thermostat, so we can keep the heater on all the time if we want. This is very dangerous because we're afraid we might get too attached to it. But for today, since we'd gone without the heater for a few days, and it's been particularly cold, we left it on, and the cats have been on my bed (top bunk) all day, enjoying the warm air.

Then, to top it all off, as the maintenance guys were leaving (the one guy came to fix everything, but another guy came to help out--I guess like a sempai helping out his kouhai type thing?), they had trouble closing the door, so we heard, "I'm gonna fix the door real quick before I leave, okay?" And a few minutes later, our door, which could be opened by a strong enough breeze if left unlocked before, was fixed so that now it only opens if you turn the knob! How novel!

Athena says, "I guess the moral of the story is: if you report your stuff, it really does get fixed." We just don't get bothered enough by some things to report them. But that doesn't mean we aren't happy when they do get fixed!

Today I'm thankful for the best maintenance team ever, a working heater, a fixed door, guys who see something that needs to be done and do it (and do it well!), and getting a little bit ahead on our Kieli proofreading.
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