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It's alive!

Things always feel so off when we end up updating LJ late. Except on Sundays, but that's because Sundays tend to be weird anyway.

As it just so happened, something was up with our Live Journal right after we got done with work. We couldn't view it for some reason. And I didn't want to spend time posting if it wasn't going to work, so we decided to wait and see if it fixed itself. And it did, right after we figured out how to check if the post would be posted regardless of whether or not we could view our journal from our journal. Anyway, it's working now, and that's the important thing.

Now I just have to figure out what to update about.

Right! I just wanted to say that Gakuen Alice volume nine used up the Gakuen Alice quota of non-dialogue (or sound effects) text for about the next two volumes. Shirts, signs, headbands, stuff like that--they are not allowed anymore. ...She says, as if she has any authority. In fact, we were saying that it wasn't allowed for the rest of the volume we were working on, when what should happen but Misaki-sensei had a shirt with text on it and Hotaru had a headband. In the very same panel and everything! This just goes to show that translators are not as cool as they like to think they are *pout*

But that's okay, because we love Gakuen Alice anyway♥

Today, we finally got the copy of Final Fantasy V we ordered, and soon we will have played all the Final Fantasy games in current release! Except for, you know, the long list I gave last time I said Final Fantasy V was the only Final Fantasy we hadn't played. But anything with only a number (and no subtitle), we will have played.

How about a meme?Collapse )

I kind of get the feeling we haven't done most of the stuff on that list. Ah well, we enjoy life without having been to Europe.

Today I'm thankful for our LJ working again, getting to play Final Fantasy V, all the cuteness in Gakuen Alice 9, having room in our schedule to have a Kieli day, and hot running water.
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