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Looks like we need a "silly" icon...

Somehow we seem to manage to always stop working on a translation right when things are getting intense. I mean, we just stopped working on Gakuen Alice right when Natsume asked... Right, that's a spoiler. And yes, I did that on purpose, but, I don't know, I'm feeling silly right now, I guess. We've been working like crazy today! Only more like working like normal. But since we just got off of a long weekend, it feels like we were working like crazy. We were even still crazy enough to not get up and turn on the lights when it got dark. The computer monitor actually illuminates the pages pretty well.

But don't worry; we don't usually work in complete darkness. We value our eyesight too much for that. Of course, if you want to get really technical, obviously we don't work in complete darkness, or we wouldn't be able to see the pages at all. Duh. It's like those people who say "It always gets darkest before it goes completely black." That just doesn't work at all, because completely black is the darkest you can possibly get--you can't get darker than that before you get that dark. It's physically impossible.

Wow, I've been wanting to point that out for a while now. I'm glad I finally found a context.

Anyway, we randomly watched The Imagination Movers last night. Those guys are pretty crazy. But they're fun and high-energy, so for someone with the attention span of a four-year-old like me, they were just perfect! Yay! Athena really liked their "Try Again" song. I liked the fact that they have enough faith in their audience to put more than one line in each of their songs.

We also watched The Santa Clause 3, as I mentioned, and now that we've seen the second one, we've discovered plot holes that are a little harder to cover up (though not impossible; we're pretty good at bridging plotholes, but we're only willing to do it if the movie doesn't make us mad at it). For example, I clearly remember Carol telling Scott in the second movie that her parents were divorced, and suddenly they're together in the third one? Well, there were four years between that--they could have gotten back together. In fact, based on the wording of when she said they had a divorce, it's possible they had already gotten back together. It's still sad that Bernard isn't in the third movie, but at least Jack Frost is awesome enough to make up for it. But man, if they were both in it... That would be awesome.

Well, I think I'm done rambling for now, because it's time to order pizza. Today I'm thankful for the Imagination Movers, finding a context to point out that it can't get darkest before it goes completely black, a newfound resolve to keep up with putting stuff in the mail, Jack Frost's hair (Santa Clause 3 version), and it being time to order pizza.
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