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I pulled up this window to post on LJ, and the first thought that popped into my head was, "Whoa, what happened today again?" I think there was something I wanted to type about... right. Oreo. He tried to thwart us today. (Athena: "Thwart." Now that's a good Scrabble word.) He had been sitting on laps while we were working (he sat on Athena's for a while, then moved on to mine, then back on to Athena's), which was very happy and cute and warm (especially good because the weather is starting to act its season). And then it was break time, so I got up to go to the bathroom while Athena stayed stuck under a giant kitty. But when I got back, Oreo was sitting in my chair! Punk kitty.

So I went to hang out with Mimsy in the living room, which usually makes the other cat curious enough to follow, but not this time. Oh, but it was so cute. And of course, we did get back to work eventually, and not even after too long.

This week is going to be strange with the helping Celeste with her play thing and the extra Negima work (though we've been told specifically not to kill ourselves over it--it's the holidays; we love Del Rey♥), but fortunately things picked up on Hana no Namae, so we shouldn't be thrown too far off schedule. But we're definitely looking forward to taking the Thanksgiving holidays. And we will be taking them off, despite the craziness. If we end up falling behind, we'll just work on Saturday next week.

As for this week, it feels like a Neo Romance week, so we're planning for a lot of import video games during our recreational time.

Incidentally, yesterday Sarah confirmed to us that people talk about us all the time. She says it's mostly positive, but it would be nice to get some specifics. We always feel so out of the loop, plus we're nosy. Especially about things involving us. It used to bother us, because if they're talking about us, then why not to us? but now we think of it like we're celebrities. Like how everybody loves them, but they're afraid to actually talk to them. Like how we want to write fanletters to all the people I'm always fangirling about, but we're afraid to, or we just don't know what to say. I wonder if it's arrogant to think of it that way. Hm. Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for semicolons, good Scrabble words, carpeted floors, finding our contracts so we can remember when our projects are due, and lists.
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