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AX pictures!

I feel so pressed for time today. Working on Negima! tends to do that, though. And with Disneyland tomorrow and it being a column week, we have a little less time than usual. For Disneyland, we'll gladly give up the little bit of time, but it is still a little sad when we think, "Aw, no Final Fantasy XII until Wednesday..." We'll get over it.

As it turns out, we were very very wise not to try checking Negima! with our internet not working. We thought we might be able to get plenty done with just the style guide and previous books (we did a lot of flashback searching today, too!), but we were searching through all kinds of crazy websites only a few pages in. After lunch, we put in our Negima! CDs, and the second one has a really really really really, like ten minutes, long version of the anime's theme song. And then, because it's the recording of a concert, they encore it at the end. It's impossible to listen to that CD and not get the song stuck in your head.

I'm not sure I have a whole lot to talk about today, so I think it might be time for some AX pictures!

As I mentioned in our AX08 report, somebody in the registration department at AX this year spent a lot of time making the place all fancy, with Ghibli themes!


On the way back from pre-reg, we figured we should take a picture of our fancy hotel:

And alas, we see once again that our camera doesn't take the best quality pictures. But it does its best. Our first cosplay photo of the con is none other than Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann's very own Simon!

We didn't get anybody's permission for this, but I thought it was so funny whenever someone dressed as, for example, Sora from Kingdom Hearts walked by and all the Japanese students from the Nippon Engineering College (I think that's what it's called, but it abbreviates to NEEC, so I could be wrong) immediately started pulling out their cameras.

A fancy ticket to the opening ceremonies. Never had one of those before. Maybe it was because this time they were held in the fancy Nokia theater.

Despite the backlighting, I think most Ace Attorney fans can figure out who this is. Or at least one of two possibilities--Maya or Mia?

Taking pictures inside turned out to be a bad idea this year. With the flash, it was too white, without, well...
But Simon and Nia are always so cute.

We just love couples' cosplay.

There he is there he is there he is!!! Oh my gosh, there he is!!!!
Sadly, the picture doesn't really do him justice. Incidentally, for people unfamiliar with AX's main cast, the guy in the white jacket is the one known as Translator Guy. He even has a distinct costume he wears every year (hat, white jacket, ukulele). Seki-san is wearing red. It's a shirt of his character from the Masked Rider series he's in.

And that's all for now. Too pressed for time to post more.

Today I'm thankful for having internet today, having a relatively easy time locating flashbacks, names with easy-to-find/figure-out spellings, catching typos before hitting "post," and Happy Material.
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