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Wow, a lot has happened since I last updated, and Oreo's sitting here ready to join us for I Dream of Jeannie or something. But he also looks pretty comfy where he is right now, so I probably have some time.

Bolt was awesome. I know I say a lot of things are awesome, but I only say they're awesome if I really think they are awesome. For Bolt I even say "awesome," which, the way I use English, is more awesome than "pretty awesome." I don't want to say too much about it, since it was a sneak preview so I know most people haven't seen it, but A)we totally recommend it, and B)I think Rhino (the hamster) could have been based on us, including (perhaps especially because of) the overuse of the word "awesome."

Celeste and her husband were really good about it, too. When they took us to see The Dark Knight, they left as soon as the credits started. We were a little miffed, so Athena said, "Next time, we don't pay for people who don't stay for the credits." (I don't know if I mentioned this last night, but the general idea in getting people to drive us to the movies is that we buy their tickets; it's only fair.) So this time, they actually stayed for the credits! And we didn't even bring it up! We totally thought they were going to leave. Oh, and that reminds me of the other thing I want to say about Bolt. For the end credits, they have a song sung by Miley Cyrus and John Travolta, which is adorable because they played Bolt and Penny (not respectively). I always like duets like that. Of course, if it had been a musical, obviously they would have had a duet (except maybe not, because Penny's a human and Bolt's a dog), but it wasn't a musical, so...

And the one other thing (this is the last one, I promise) is the one tiny little thing that made me sad about the movie, and that's that there was one insert song, and it was country. Now, I know Cars had country music in it too, and Home on the Range's whole theme was country & western, but Cars is Pixar which is only sort-of Disney in my head, and Home on the Range was mostly western, so now I was like, "You too, Disney? Why have you betrayed me?" But with Miley Cyrus (who acted her part better than the previews led me to believe) as one of their big draws, Athena points out it's to be expected. Even though I don't think she was the one singing.

Okay, now I'm really changing the subject. Mom's mom and sister, Grandma and Aunt Sabrina, have been in town, so today was the day we had a big family dinner together. And since everybody's going their separate ways for actual Thanksgiving, they decided to make it a Thanksgiving style dinner. Before the whole thing, we practiced the scene Celeste wants us to perform for her class thingie, but there will be more of those, so I'll talk about that later.

As soon as Grandma and Sabrina got back from church with Mom, Sabrina said we had to sign some books for our cousin who has become a big Fruits Basket fan. She will be getting volumes 17 and 18 for Christmas (hopefully she doesn't find our LJ...), and we noticed for the first time that Kazuma comes right after Saki on the covers, and we find that to be highly amusing.

I think I've mentioned this in the past, but for some reason, Mom and them seem to think our signatures on manga we translate make the books cooler. We're like, "Uh, okay...?" At first, and for a long time, we kind of thought that the awesomeness of the book was completely independent of any work we may have done on it--it just had to go through us to get into a readable format. All the real awesomeness comes from, in this case, Natsuki Takaya. So we always hated it when they asked us to sign books. It didn't help that we've always been bad at signing things like birthday cards, yearbooks, etc. Of course, lately, we've been thinking more and more that the fact that we translated it does make a difference, so maybe it's okay for us to sign it. (That then leads into the "Stop it! Pride goeth before the fall! Cut it out! Rarrrrrr!!!")

But that doesn't change the fact that we're bad at signing stuff, or the fact that even after one of our favorite voice actors of all time signed a CD and a DVD for us, there was a hint of, "But... he wrote on our stuff..." (Athena: Yes, we're crazy. I think we've established this.) So we were reluctant, but not too reluctant, and when I signed volume 18, I wrote, "Sorry for writing on your book!" and hopefully that will make up for it. Of course, if I was really sorry, would I still do it? Ah well.

Incidentally, that reminds us of a story we heard once from a friend of Dad's who wanted Grandpa to sign a book for him (for those who don't know, our paternal grandfather is kind of famous (especially in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) as a religious scholar), and after putting up quite a fight about it, he finally grabbed the book, wrote, "Hugh Nibley will not sign this book!" and then I think signed his name to verify. I love our family.

After dinner, we played a bunch of games. Of course there was the usual Signs and Mafia, and in the middle, Sabrina suggested "Do you love your neighbor," which, as always, was fun but vicious, and ended when somebody inevitably got hurt. This time, it was Athena, whose left big toe has been alternating shades of red and purple ever since the incident. She says it doesn't hurt much, though. And fortunately, she has a day to recover before we (hopefully) go to Disneyland.

We had a lot of fun playing and talking. We got to talk about ourselves a lot, so it was pretty nice. Not only that, but we got to talk about Disney and how the marketers in America do a pretty good job of convincing us that they don't know what they're doing, and all kinds of random things that we like to ramble/rant about but don't always get a chance to.

Today I'm thankful for more good times with family, getting to see Bolt, Rhino the hamster, ego boosts, and big jars of honey roasted peanuts.
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