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I can't remember if I had anything in particular I wanted to write about today. I kind of feel like maybe I did, but it's entirely possible that I didn't. At any rate, if I did, all memories of it were blown away by the fun fun scene we translated in Kieli today. Seriously, if you like gore and romance, Kieli is the series for you. (Not to sound like we don't like it--we like it a lot--but we are squeamish.) I think volume two is on sale now! It was supposed to come out in October. And we've been told that volume two of the manga was going to have the first chapter of the original novel, also translated by us, so you can see if we're as good at translating prose as we think we are at translating dialogue!

Negima's back to its old, text-heavy self today. I would say, "See? It was a trap yesterday!" except that this is normal for Negima. Yesterday would only have been a trap if the text density had gotten worse than normal. (Athena: It's hard to get worse than normal for Negima. But we like a challenge, so...) Although we did see the lexicon entry for Magia Erebea. It's like two whole pages of solid text, on bigger pages than Kieli, with a smaller font, and written horizontally with much fewer paragraph breaks. It should be fascinating, anyway.

Just a bunch of random stuff, I guess. We found out yesterday that contractually, six is the number of comp copies of each book we're supposed to get from CMX. I feel like we should have known that, because we have read the contract. Athena looked over the contract when we got the extra ones, and didn't find anything. But we know now, so it's all good. We have a new boss at Del Rey, which is kind of sad and kind of exciting. (New characters are always exciting.)

And um... I think that's it. My brain's kind of fuzzy right now. Today I'm thankful for how awesome our old boss at Del Rey has been and will continue to be in her new position, knowing how many comp copies we're supposed to have, being done with that scene in Kieli, fruit snacks, and fascinating explanations of all the aspects of Negima!.
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