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Cosplay blues

I'm kind of at a loss. We've been infected with the cosplay bug for a very long time now, which isn't really a problem, since we get our cosplay fix every year at Anime Expo.

But apparently it's a disease that evolves. Maybe it's just my perfectionism coming through, because I'll see a character and think, "Oh! That would make an awesome cosplay! ...only not by me or Athena." And then I start wanting to get a bunch of people together and get a whole cast.

It's gotten especially bad watching FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime, because I really think that some small, adorable person needs to cosplay Tio, because he's small and adorable and I love him. But Athena and I are not very small, and our adorableness is debatable. Plus, obviously, we would be cosplaying Rain and Fine.

I guess it could be argued that we could cosplay the twins one day, and switch into Tio and... Leona, I guess, since they make the most since together. But we were kind of lonely doing our duet cosplay this year. Maybe that's because we were kind of hiding (not on purpose...) when we wore all our new costumes. Except for Lacus and Meer; they were fun.

Still, it's way more fun to have a group cosplay. Like when we cosplayed Saiyuki on Sunday. Hmm, but most of our friends spend most of the con at the art table... Maybe we should make more friends...

And Athena just came up with a hypothetical scenario with Fruits Basket cosplay where Ayame would storm into Artists' Alley with some announcement he had to convey very loudly to Hatori or Shigure or Yuki or someone. So it is possible to have a group cosplay and not stay in a group... which is pretty obvious. But you have to admit it could have been a little awkward to find a random Kira and follow him around for a while. Darn this fear of people!
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