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DN Angel 13♥

It's been pretty wintery these last few days. Kind of sudden because October was pretty warm for the most part, so it feels extra cold, even though it's probably about normal. Yesterday, when Celeste came over to use our internet (and our computer) for some school thing, we decided to wait out the time we couldn't be working by sitting on the floor in the spare bedroom where the sun was shining. It felt really nice.

The cold weather reminds me of our college days in Utah, where we actually had a winter, with snow and everything, and it actually feels a lot like our Novembers from back then, so it's been kind of nostalgic. It actually happens to be around the same time of year we were introduced to DN Angel seven years ago (wow, has it been that long?), which is why it was a perfect day to read DN Angel!

Actually, the real reason it was a perfect day to read DN Angel is that we just finished a translation and we're far enough ahead of schedule with everything that we figured we could take a Friday off. And since DN Angel 13 happened to come out three weeks ago (three whole weeks!? What have we been doing!?), we decided that translating it would be a good thing to do with our day off. Y'know, because we're so obsessed with making sure we translate it for ourselves before we translate it for work. Possessiveness is what it is, really. Though come to think of it, most people would have gotten the 11th (or the 10th for a long weekend?) off for Veteran's Day anyway, and that's also a good time to translate DN Angel, since it's Daisuke's birthday. But anyway.

Yes, we translated DN Angel 13, and we finished the whole book in a record two and a half hours! Yukiru Sugisaki is so good to us with her big pictures and short and/or easy-to-translate sentences. But now we're in full DN Angel mode and we have no outlet but LJ, so here we are. (Well, that, and we needed an entry for today anyway.) Before I get into the incoherent squeeings, I just wanted to say again how much we love Yukiru Sugisaki's art style. She's just so good at putting emotion into the characters' faces, and making them look like they're really there. Or something. We never were good at describing our feelings.

And now that I'm here ready to type, I can't remember what I wanted to say. Oh yes! Dark. We didn't realize when we were going through volume 12, probably because it had been soooooooooooo loooooooong since we'd read volume 11, but now that we've gone through 13, we realize how much we missed him. He wasn't in volume 12 nearly enough, is what I'm saying. But he's in 13 a lot... well, comparatively. Probably not as much as he's in volume 3, which is probably still one of our favorite volumes. But anyway, he's back, and he's awesome, and the way he torments Daisuke is as classic as ever. And he's so cute when he's sulking! And he's just very nice to look at in general. It was kind of shocking when he first showed up in 13, because it suddenly hit me how much I really really like him. I wish they portrayed him better in the anime. *pout*

Argentine is also very very cute.

The scene with Risa falling from the tower is the Best. Mostly because it has something I can't really go into without spoiling it. But it would be better if I didn't think Risa was dumb dumb dumb.

And then Daisuke starts talking about hearts, and we're like, "You'd know all about that, Sora... I mean, Daisuke."

And that brings up our point about Basch and Gabranth. In the Japanese version, Basch is played by the same guy as Hiwatari (not Satoshi--his adoptive father), and Gabranth is played by the same guy who plays Ansem. It's like they're the "destroy Miyu Irino brothers." Which amuses us, if no one else♥

Dark can be really scary when he's mad.

Risa apparently has Dark radar. Nice.

Daisuke had a grappling hook thing in his watch!? Cool!

I think that just about covers the random thoughts about DN Angel 13. And now I'm sad because it's over, and because Death Note prevents us from abbreviating DN Angel to DN like we used to. Poor Twins, we have to type out the whole thing now. It was also the end of the story arc, which means there's no telling how long we'll have to wait for volume 14 (Yukiru Sugisaki can take very long breaks)... oh, but DN Angel is on the cover of the latest Asuka magazine. Maybe we won't have to wait so long after all. It was kind of funny, though, because when we started translating, we got to page fourteen by the time the first song on our DN Angel Vocal Collection was over, but then we got stuck on that page, and by the time the next song was over, we were only on page 16. That was quite a drop in productivity. But we recovered nicely.

Okay, I think I really am done rambling now. We might have to listen to some DN Angel CD dramas soon. In the meantime, we've changed our wallpaper to a picture of Dark and Daisuke! Whee!!

Today I'm thankful for DN Angel 13, the return of lots of Dark, that thing that happened that's kind of spoilery, still having DN Angel wallpapers on our computer, and DN Angel not currently being on hiatus.
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