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Fine Arts Day

Today is kind of a fine arts day for us. When we got the mail yesterday, we discovered our first non-introductory shipment from the Classic Composers CD collection thingie we started subscribing to. Today was a Gakuen Alice check day, and we actually made it a habit of not listening to music during check days, because it would be so depressing if the CD ended and we hadn't made very much progress. That normally happened when we were looking stuff up on Google, trying to find out what that Latin term is, etc. Come to think of it, now that we've started being more thorough in our checking, we've come to terms with the fact that it's probably going to take about a normal work day's amount of time, so we probably could listen to music, but we're still working out our system, I guess.

Anyway, we decided to listen to music today anyway, and so we listened to our brand new Bach CD. It had yet another piece that shows up in La Corda d'Oro (at least two, actually), so of course it reminded us that one of these days we need to make a Corda mix, so we have all the classical music that shows up in the game. But we're lazy so I don't know if that will ever happen. Plus, we only have five composers right now anyway.

Since we were all into classical music, we decided also to finally listen to our Symphony Seed Destiny CD that we got a few weeks ago and never listened to (always the same thing with us). And I realized that it's been so long since we've seen Gundam Seed Destiny that I don't recognize any of the music, except for two bits of melody. We'll have to do something about that. But not tonight, because we have more fine arts in store!

Tonight our ward Relief Society is doing their monthly (I think it's monthly; it might not be) Art Hop. We don't normally go because we don't normally have a ride, but we got sent like a million e-vites, so this time we remembered to call somebody and get one. They're really excited about it because they have somebody set to give us a glass-blowing demonstration, and those are always just cool. When we were at Tokyo Disneyland, we watched a guy making Cinderella's carriage out glass. We could have watched him for hours, but we had other things to do, and we don't get to Tokyo Disneyland that often, so we didn't have time to spare.

In other fine arty news, Celeste called this morning and asked us if we would do her a favor. For one of her classes, she has to direct a scene from a children's play, and she asked us if we'd be in it. Come to think of it, I should have asked her if she had chosen which play she was going to direct a scene from. I was telling myself that it might be hard to step back and let Celeste control everything, since we're such ultra perfectionists and thus liable to take over, but then I remembered that Celeste's actually pretty good with that kind of thing, so it might not be an issue. We'll see!

Today I'm thankful for TV Land, shiny new Bach CDs, classical arrangements of Gundam Seed music, the London Symphony Orchestra being awesome enough to play Gundam Seed music, and getting another new assignment today.
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