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We voted!!

Yay! We actually voted almost first thing in the morning. Even before breakfast, because we were both so stressed out neither of us had an appetite. But it was a relatively painless process (voting), and afterward, we got a huge reward in prize money! Yay!! Okay, so actually, we just went to the bank to deposit the checks we had been hoarding for a while, but it's more fun to think of it as prize money, so that's what I'm going to do. Yay!!!

Working on Gakuen Alice this week has been a somewhat unusual experience. Normally Gakuen Alice is one of the titles that we'll be working on for a while, and feeling pretty good about it, like it's going smoothly and we're making a lot of progress, and then we'll check our page count and find out we've only translated like five pages. This week, we'd be working on it, and it would feel like the translation process was really dragging and we weren't getting anywhere, but we'd check, after about the same amount of time, and we would have like twenty pages done. Weird. But not unwelcome! I definitely feel blessed in that this volume of Gakuen Alice and the last volume of Elemental Gelade (no singing!) were the ones on the schedule during our time of ultimate busyness. And this volume has awesome Narumi stuff! Whee!!!

I wanted to talk about The Great Mouse Detective, but I can't remember why, other than the fact that we watched it on Sunday. Maybe it had something to do with the computer animation in the clock tower scene. We'd seen that movie several times, but we had no idea there was computer animation in it until this time around. We were like, "Wow, I never noticed that that's CGI before!" Maybe because it was on DVD instead of VHS this time? Anyway, then we watched the making-of featurette, and they were all like, "And we did this totally awesome thing with the computer for this scene!" I was especially impressed because that was probably one of the (if not The) first animated movies to mix computer animation with regular animation, and it was not nearly as conspicuous as some other movies made like a decade later. That's Disney for you, I guess.

Oh now I remember! There's a lizard among Ratigan's henchmen that looks just like Bill from Alice in Wonderland. He had one line during the part where the big musical number gets interrupted, and it sounded kind of like Mickey Mouse was talking. So we made sure to watch for it in the credits, and sure enough Wayne Allwine was one of the additional voices. He was also a random henchman in The Black Cauldron. So I was going to be amused that he apparently got his start by playing evil henchmen before he became the number one mouse, but then we checked IMDb, and apparently he was in Mickey's Christmas Carol first. Darn chronology, messing up all our fun. (But then again, we seem to remember an interview where he said he got the role as Mickey starting with Totally Minnie, which was after both The Black Cauldron and The Great Mouse Detective, so maybe we can still be amused?)

So at IMDb, we discovered that Wayne Allwine used to be a foley artist, and we knew Tony Anselmo (Donald Duck) was an animator, so we were wondering if Bill Farmer (Goofy) also did something other than voices, and we were disappointed there, but! he's in a lot of video games and some dubs of Japanese stuff (other than Kingdom Hearts, even), so now we're wondering if he reads manga. How crazy would that be, if Goofy reads the manga that we translate? That would be like whoa. Of course, we wonder that with just about any famous person who shows any sign of liking Japanese stuff, so, you know. Whatever. But it's Goofy! That'd be like whoa.

Today I'm thankful for having voted, prize money, finally starting to calm down enough that we might be able to eat all our leftover candy, Gakuen Alice translation going super fast (super duper fast for Gakuen Alice), and having The Great Mouse Detective on DVD.
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