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The stress continues, but in the meantime, there's packages. Despite our determination not to order too many more DVDs until we'd made a significant dent in the pile of unwatched DVDs we already have, the new special edition of Sleeping Beauty was the featured title in the Disney Movie Club this month, so we ordered it anyway. Only we couldn't just accept it as the featured title, because we wanted it on Blu-ray, and the featured title only gave us the regular DVD. So we refused the featured title and went to order it on Blu-ray, and while we were at it, we discovered that Muppet Christmas Carol was on sale (we only have the VHS version), and we've been wanting The Great Mouse Detective on DVD, so we ordered that too. We can be so weak sometimes. I guess we'll be watching movies... tomorrow night. Maybe tonight, too, but we still want to play lots of Final Fantasy XII.

Anyway, the DVDs arrived today, and we were amused to find out that the Blu-ray version of Sleeping Beauty comes with a bonus disc that consists of the movie on DVD. We guess that's for the people who want to start Blu-ray collections in preparation for a time when everything is on Blu-ray but don't yet have Blu-ray players? Whatever the reason, it's pretty funny. There's also a commentary with John Lasseter, which really makes me wonder if there was a commentary the last time Sleeping Beauty came out on DVD (and we failed to buy it for ourselves).

We also had another package that actually arrived yesterday and was delivered straight to the office. When we went to get it, the lady there told us that it arrived like right after we left the office from paying rent and stuff. Lots of weird timing with packages yesterday. This one was our shiny cosplay magazines, and oh, are they shiny. Cosmode USA has a tutorial on boot covers! We shall be invincible!!! Or something. But with that and the colored wig pins we got with one of the Layers magazines we ordered, we have no excuse to not cosplay Haruka 4. Unless we decide we don't want to, but that just seems silly.

The maintenance guys came to fix our toilet yesterday, too. Not only did they fix the rubber suctiony thing, but they gave us a new handle (the old one was rusted to a point where it looked like it could break apart at any moment), and they fixed the water pressure so we don't have to wait twenty minutes between flushes! Yay! No more careful timing of bathroom trips for us! Eheh.

Today I'm thankful for fixed toilets, our very first Blu-ray disc, potential cosplay invincibility, illustrated boot tutorials, and the distracting cuteness of kitties.
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