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Three happy chappies, in snappy serapes♪

Our schedule is still pretty crazy, but I'm far less brain dead today, I think, so things are going pretty well. We even got a bunch of translating done on Elemental Gelade! (Though it helped that there were fight scenes and no singing.)

Anyway, my brain death yesterday made me forget that I wanted to talk about The Three Caballeros! The DVD double feature of Saludos Amigos + The Three Caballeros is one of the things we ordered a looooooooooong time ago and never got around to watching, but last night we finally did! Yay! It was a really neat trip back to the days when they used to show either the whole features or just the short cartoons (I don't remember which; it was a long time ago) on the Disney Channel way back when. It's kind of funny, because we got this puzzle in Japan that had characters from like every animated Disney movie ever (only missing a few, like Tarzan), and it had this little plane on it and everyone in our family was like, "Where's that plane from?" But when we actually saw the story of Baby Pedro in Saludos Amigos, I totally remembered it. It's funny how memories work sometimes.

Also, I am now determined to remember the names of the other two caballeros: Joe Carioca, whose name I will remember forever by the fact that it sounds like the American pronunciation of "karaoke," and Panchito. I think I like Panchito a lot, but he doesn't do very much. And I wonder why Donald and Joe were trying to kill him. I'm glad they didn't succeed. Athena thinks, probably accurately, that they were trying to shut him up. And it's awesome that Joe Carioca is constantly speaking Portuguese.

They were fun cartoons, but they reminded us yet again that if there's not a whole lot of dialogue, there's not a whole lot of attention span from the Twins. It also reminded me that there are still a bunch of Disney films missing from our collection. This shall have to be rectified.

Today I'm thankful for Halloween candy, the Three Caballeros song, penguin cartoons that actually hold my attention, nifty mnemonic devices, and cool spellings like "mnemonic."
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