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Excitement abounds!!

Today has been a day of much excitement! First, I'm pretty sure we're still number one in Michiru's affections. And second, we finally turned in the last book on the long list of deadlines we got from Del Rey about six months or so ago. That means! new schedule! We really like getting new schedules, because it's really exciting to see what we'll be doing next, even when it's usually most of the same stuff we've been doing. I don't know what it is, but that's how we are. But this time it was extra exciting, because, since we had such a long list, now that we're done with it, we're pretty well caught up with the manga artists on things and/or we're finishing with serieseseses. And that means! new series!! Yaaaaaaaay!!

Okay, so that last part was just speculation, but in this case it turned out to be true! Double yay!! (Triple yay to account for the non-destroying of the first yay!) And! it's a series we saw the anime of and liked! I didn't think we would be getting any of those, actually, since we stopped downloading a year ago, so we wouldn't have seen any new animes, and companies are getting pretty good at sweeping things up super super fast. And! one of our favorite voice actors is in it! I was going to say who, so I could talk about how he's in vocal adaptations of just about every manga we translate (that has a vocal adaptation of any kind), but I wondered if that would be giving too much away. Oh, confidentiality. Anyway, it makes us want to pull out our resume and check off everything we've translated that he plays a character from. And that reminds me that we should probably update our resume.

In the meantime, we're building up our immunity to Fruits Basket spoilers. I think we'll be completely immune by the time Friday's over. This is also very exciting.

We're also pretty excited about playing Haruka 2 today, just because. It feels like it's been so long since we played video games, even though it really hasn't been. Especially because we started Haruka 2 last night, so it really hasn't been long. But we're going for Katsuzane's ending now, and since he's played by the same guy who plays Kyo in Fruits Basket, and we're working on Fruits Basket, it's double exciting!

Today I'm thankful for yay new series!, warm fuzzies from our bosses, new schedules, the ability to amuse ourselves, and being in possession of vast amounts of chocolate. Maybe we should open some Snickers tonight...
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