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Peanuts and kiwi

We were afraid that our Saturday away from the computer had landed us eternally in second place for Michiru's affections (eternally or until next month), but it looks like we just hit number one again! Yay!

Earlier today I remembered an interesting thing that happened during the wedding reception. We were hanging out with the new couple, and Sarah and her boy, and eating peanuts, and Celeste said something about how she really loves peanuts and she's so glad she's not allergic to them. Sarah's boy said that his dad's allergic to them, and then the groom said that his dad is allergic to peanuts and kiwi, but only together. Apparently he was traveling or something, and one day he ate peanuts and he was fine, and the next day he ate kiwi and he was fine, and the day after that he ate them together and had an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital. I remembered reading in a book about some kids who ate cucumbers and milk and combining the two foods had a poisonous effect, so I wondered if maybe it was something like that. So I went to ask Dad if he had ever had kiwi and peanuts at the same time and explained the allergic thing. He immediately went to see if any of the fruit trays had kiwi. I panicked and hurried to stop him, explaining the cucumbers and milk thing, but it didn't matter anyway because there was no kiwi.

Last night, as I mentioned yesterday, we went to Mom's for Kimee's birthday dinner. It was pretty uneventful again, so I guess that means it was a success. Celeste's husband asked us where we get our Disney movies, because he wants to start collecting them, and we decided he's our favorite brother-in-law. Clearly we have not had enough time around people who don't mind animated movies in the last few years. But it was also nice that he would laugh at things other than slapstick comedy, and he even laughed that Toulouse (we watched The Aristocats) was named Toulouse, which surprised us, because who gets that anymore? Like I said, we've been out of our element for a long time. Anyway, we're glad to know that, contrary to Mom's repetitions, not all "real" men are the same, and it gives us hope for the future.

And now the busyness continues.

Today I'm thankful for having restocked our food supply, finally getting our Code Geass DVD, being number one again (though it's probably more like a tie, since it's in alphabetical (or kana-cal) order), making really good progress today, and bags of Snickers for 98cents.
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