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The calm before the storm?

Today promises to be an interesting one in many many ways, I think. We finished cleaning up for our guests, Dad and his wife, who will be arriving tonight at some point. That meant spending a lot of time in the spare bedroom, which has been practically abandoned for like a year, and there was a lot of dust and sneezing. But it's all better now, except for all the extra stuff Celeste left behind when she moved out. Punk.

Now we have some hours to relax, which is something I think we might really need, because the drama has already begun and nobody's even here yet.

Mom still hates Dad a lot. Like waaaaaaay a lot. She's trying to get over it and be forgiving, but apparently she's not been all that successful. So tonight, since she not only has Aurora and her husband but also her boss and his wife staying at her house, there will be no time to make any kind of dinner arrangements other than going out. So they're all going to go to Hometown Buffet. We have been invited, but we don't know what time it's all happening, and there's a possibility Dad and his wife will be here by then. When I pointed that out, Mom said that Dad's wife is welcome to come. Sigh.

So in order to not be lame and hateful, we'll probably not even mention the dinner plans, and end up going out somewhere else with Dad and his wife. Come to think of it, we could go to Hometown Buffet separately and be all like, "Hey, fancy meeting you here!" but while I do like fireworks, I'm not a fan of the metaphorical sparks flying. It's an amusing thought anyway.

That in itself would probably be pretty fun, but we're so lonely and abandoned in our apartment, and we never get to talk to anybody, so we're kind of like, "The more the merrier!" Of course, thinking of who all "the more" would be, it starts to seem a little less appealing, but we do still have our masochistic tendencies. We'll get to see everybody tomorrow anyway, so I guess it's not that big a deal, except that it's kinda dumb. I mean, I can totally understand having a hard time being in the same room with someone. We're just annoyed because Mom and Sarah were constantly on our case about not liking certain people and telling us we need to get over it, right after our issues happened, and now, four years after Mom's issues, she gets to be petty. But on the other hand, in this case, it may be better to keep the peace. Mom isn't the only one who hates Dad, after all. (But I still think it's dumb.)

In happier news, we finally got our comp copies of Ace Attorney manga yesterday! Just in time to show it to everyone! And have them be completely apathetic!! Woohoo!!!

Actually, they probably won't be completely apathetic. Dad might even read it! But he hasn't played the games, so it doesn't mean as much. But we do have a bunch of other comp manga we could let him read. See, Dad is like the one person in our family other than us who reads the manga we translate. Well, sort of. He'll flip through it in the bookstore, and he's read a few things, but it's expensive and he's not exactly in the best of financial circumstances, so he doesn't buy anything. But we appreciate it anyway.

We also happened to get our domestic Host Club DVDs today. The day people we can force to watch it are set to arrive. It's almost like fate or something, since technically the DVDs aren't even out yet. But on the other hand, I'm not sure Dad would like Host Club that much. It's all so bittersweet. But we do get to force him to watch Meet the Robinsons, so it should all be pretty fun anyway.

Today I'm thankful for finally getting that Ace Attorney manga, currently being Michiru's best best friend (here's hoping it lasts!), getting Host Club DVDs, being done cleaning for the day, and getting to see people we haven't seen in a long time even if it's really super stressful because we're not used to dealing with people because we're such recluses. We definitely need more training.
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