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So after One Piece tonight, we decided to get some ice cream, but we wanted to watch TV while we ate it. As it so happened, Nick@Nite's showing the Jeff Foxworthy Show on Saturdays now. Of course we had to watch it to see chibi Haley Joel Osment!

He's so adorable! Athena put it best when she said, "He just radiates happiness. Or at least, he radiates something that makes me happy." He was cute enough that I was so absorbed in his cuteness that I even forgot about Kingdom Hearts most of the time.

"You can't swim. Why can't I can't swim?" Awwwwwwww!!!!!

The commercial for the show introduced all the characters. It started with Jeff Foxworthy, of course, and then his loving wife, and "Their kid. Who sees dead people." And they had the most adorable shot of him covering his ears with his pillow. I'm going to melt!!!

PS: I hope all the Batman Beyond fans out there got to see the episode of Batman Beyo... I mean, Justice League: Unlimited that was on tonight.
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