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Today has been a bit stressful with the politics so I'm not sure I can focus properly on anything, but we watched Bus Gamer last night, and I wanted to talk about it!

They finished up their first match, and then suddenly the plot went from the new Bus Gamer to the Pilot Edition! Wah! It was happy, though, because I wanted to see Keiko, and she's not in the new version yet. Turns out she's played by Michiko Neya, who also played Kanan, Hakkai's sister, which makes it all the more... um... not sure what adjective I'm looking for here... amusing? sad? wrong? perfect? that Saitoh defeated her in the Saiyuki fighting game by playing as Chin Yisou.

That, of course, had us bouncing a lot, because the Saiyuki fighting game was one of our favorite things about the Bus Gamer Pilot Edition. Bus Gamer was actually the reason we had to get the Saiyuki fighting game when it came out, and then when they animated Bus Gamer, they used footage from the actual game that they made! Awesome! Except that in the original, Keiko was beating up Rikudo, but Rikudo isn't in the actual game, so this time she was beating up Kougaiji. And then in the extras, the cast was like, "That's some collaboration!"

What else? Shigi was played by Kenichi Suzumura (also Toki). It was kind of weird, partially because, even though he's played both Hikaru and Kaoru in Host Club, he never played them (officially) at the same time. It was also a little sad, because Bus Gamer has very few characters, so we want as many voice actors to obsess over as we can get. And then they didn't list him in the credits, so we were left to assume that we were correct in guessing that it was him, until fortunately he said so himself in the extras.

The extras were very awesome. Junichi Suwabe was asked this time who he would want on his team in the Bus Game, and he said he'd want a giant robot, and then, I guess because with a giant robot it wouldn't matter who else was on your team, he said he'd want a dog. He seems like a really nice guy, and really doesn't give off the image of the kind of guy we'd expect to play all the kinds of characters he plays.

And they played Jenga with giant Jenga blocks. At the end, it was Hiroki Takahashi's turn, and there was no possible way he could take out any blocks without the whole thing falling over, so he gave it a karate (or some kind of martial arts) chop, and it all fell down. They said something about him creating a miracle, but I'm really not sure what they meant by it. Maybe the idea was to get the block out so fast that the ones on top of it fell straight down without toppling over. Sadly, that did not happen (I was rooting for Takahashi-san).

Today I'm thankful for more Bus Gamer extras, giant Jenga blocks, being on vacation (sort of), a chance to get out today (we really have to just deal with it and go buy some milk, but it will be good to get out), and the return of the Saiyuki fighting game.
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