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Wow, our little sister's getting married.

This week certainly has been weird schedule-wise. Tonight was Celeste's bachelorette party, and for transportation convenience, we ended up leaving for Mom's house right after work, which meant no time for updating. We were there super early though. We passed the time by talking to Mom, and then watching an episode of Freakazoid! with Celeste's boy, who was waiting for Steve to get there because while Celeste was having her party, he was going to the fair with Mom and Steve. I hear it wasn't awkward, so that's good.

The party ended up being very small, but it was still nice. For the two of us, it was actually perfect, because we much prefer small get-togethers where everyone can talk together and stuff, but it wasn't our party so the fact that so few non-family members showed up might not have been a good thing. But I think we all had fun, and that's really what's most important. We were a little sad that we didn't get to talk very much about Comic Con with the girl who actually wants to go to Comic Con, but maybe in the future. We said if she wants to go next year, we'd go with her and pay for hotels and stuff, because with all the companies we work for in attendance, it would really be a good thing to go.

Anyway, it's late and we haven't had much to eat, and Oreo looks like he wants to hang out, so we're going to go do stuff in the living room. Today I'm thankful for people to watch Freakazoid! with, pleasant little get-togethers, microwaveable dinners, possible plans to go San Diego Comic Con with someone, and corn muffins.
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