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More pictures!

I finally remembered more pictures! I only have twenty minutes before Jeopardy!, though, so I'll have to be quick!

This Princess Jasmine topiary was just too neat.

And, because we don't have much Aladdin stuff at our Disneyland (well, there's Aladdin's Oasis, but that's been taken over by Indiana Jones, and the show at the Hyperion Theatre in California Adventure, but that's just a show and it's dumb), we had to take a picture of this Prince Ali mosaic thingie.

We weren't sure how well the pictures of the carousel would turn out, so we made several attempts.

Or two. Actually, I think we deleted a bunch. I don't know if you can tell in these pictures (I'm posting superfast so I'm not really looking at them), but you can ride Genies and griffins!

They made the marketplace at the Arabian Coast look just like the one in Agrabah! It was the bestest when we were walking through and they had the "marketplace" track from the soundtrack playing.

And this! This is the map of the lands you visit on Sindbad's Storybook Voyage. Sadly, I think this is the best picture we got of this ride. Mostly just sad because it's the best ride ever, and we would have liked more clear memories of it. I guess there's always YouTube, but that seems kind of lame.

Here's a very blurry Sindbad. According to Wikipedia, he was played by the guy who played Simba in the Japanese production of The Lion King on Broadway.

And of course we had to try to get a picture of him in the Land of the Monkeys.

When we went back to the... um... plaza thingie where the Magic Lamp Theatre was so we could watch the magic show, there was a band just finishing up.

I don't know if you can make it out, but this is a sign of all the things that are prohibited inside the theatre.
My favorite is the "no camels" part. But my favorite favorite was at Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster, where there was a "no smoking fish" sign. That was totally the best, and I thoroughly regret not taking a picture. I guess we'll just have to go back.

After the show, we headed to the Lost River Delta. I believe this is the part of Raging Spirits (the roller coaster with a loop) that was visible from the walkway. You can't see an inch of track, but that's some neat burning water.

And I think this is the Tokyosea version of the Temple of the Crystal Skull. But I don't remember for sure.

In the Mediterranean Harbor, we waited in line for the Venetian gondola ride, which had the best Queue Area Ever. Why, you ask?
Just look at all the benches to sit on! Although it was a little inconvenient to have to get up and sit back down when the line moved. But sitting is very nice.

Here's some of the scenery we photographed while on our gondola tour!

And here's a scene we photographed after the tour!

And here's Athena's valiant attempt to make the picture of the belly dancing animatronic visible.
It was originally all black. Ain't technology grand?

Sesame churros!!
They're grey!! But still tasty!

We noticed this... um... I don't know what it's called... you know how they have those mosaicky things in the mortar between big rocks? Well, you can see it, anyway.
We liked it because it has little reliefs of Little Mermaid type fish and stuff.

Some volcanic rock from Mysterious Island:

And a waterfall!

And that concludes our Disneysea picture session. Tune in next time for some shots of Akihabara, and probably Ikebukuro! For some reason we just weren't as interested in pictures when we weren't at Disneyland anymore.

Today I'm thankful for remembering to finally post pictures, no camel signs, the Open Sesame churro stand, awesome little detail work thingies, and networking facility thingies.
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