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Manga time!

Just when we thought we were going to get back on track with our translation schedule, we got an e-mail from our boss at CMX asking about a summary that he didn't have. He didn't have it, of course, because we hadn't typed it up, which in this case also meant we hadn't read the book yet. Not that we didn't want to read the book--just that we have weird policies about reading manga, and if it's for work, we usually don't read it until we translate it, unless asked for a summary. CMX always asks for summaries, so we should have done it anyway, but... for some reason, we didn't. And so the book has gone on for a looooong time unread and unsummarized.

So as soon as we got the e-mail, we shifted gears from translation mode to manga-reading mode. On the one hand, it was a little frustrating, because we had finally gotten into the groove of translating Me & My Brothers, and we were hoping to get lots and lots done so we could take as much time off before Celeste's wedding as we had originally planned. That was actually impossible anyway, because the original plan had us starting our vacation today, and that just wasn't going to happen. But anyway, on the other hand, it was kind of happy, because we like reading manga, and what better to do with our non-working time than read manga? Except for watching anime and playing video games, but I think I'm in a "manga is best" mood today, so it all worked out.

Anyway, because we were trying frantically to finish reading this manga, we didn't have time for much else, and very soon we have to leave for the broadcast about Prop 8. And after that, there will be more reading of manga. We have to record Top Model, but it happens.

I don't know how much time I have, but I want to mention that we got our Ace Attorney gavels today! Just as umadoshi said, they are adorable! And they're perfect for stress-relief! They seem to be made out of foam, which not only means that they're okay to hit things with, but they're good for squeezing, too! We would probably have played with them a lot more if we had spent more time at our desk today. The one concern, though, is that we haven't gotten our comp copies of the books these gavels are promoting. I wonder if something's up with UPS or whatever company they sent it from. We have a fun theory about a delivery guy who really likes manga and is therefore hoarding all our books. It's fun, but if it's true, he should just let us have the manga, and if he tells us he's a manga fan, we (...might) share!

Today I'm thankful for the ability to record Top Model, adorable miniature gavels that are good for stress relief, having a ride to places, getting to spend a lot of time reading manga, and the title page of Name of the Flower vol.2.
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