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The dangers of net-surfing

We don't usually do a whole lot of net-surfing, mostly because wandering around aimlessly in any form (walking around town, channel-surfing, etc.) isn't really our idea of a good time, but after watching Tide-Line Blue, we had an hour before we normally go to bed last night, and what were we supposed to do with it? Get extra sleep? Yeah right.

So we had just been watching Tide-Line Blue, and I was noticing something about the character designs: they look a lot like the character designs for Avatar. This might be because we haven't seen Avatar in a pretty long time, so discrimination powers were lower, but there was one scene with Aoi and the really important lady in Tibet that looked like it could have been in Avatar, except for Aoi's hair. And even the random extra characters were looking like they could have been in Avatar. So, since we had extra time to look things up, we decided to do some research. We couldn't find any information connecting the character designer from Tide-Line Blue (Teiichi Takiguchi, if I remember correctly) to Avatar, and actually looking at a bit of the art from Avatar, it was easier to see that it was more American. I still have my suspicions (because I like to entertain crazy conspiracy theories), but getting information on Avatar was starting to be kind of irritating, so we decided it was time to move on.

The first place I could think of to go was the Square-Enix website, where we found the link to GanGan Online. We tried and failed to read the free online manga several times (our digital object reader doesn't work; apparently we're missing some Flash codecs or something, I guess) before giving up and looking to see what other news they might have. I don't remember why, but we kept going back and forth between the Japanese and North American versions of the Square-Enix site until we discovered the Trailer of Ultimate Shiny at the Dissidia Final Fantasy Site.

Of course, our first reaction was, "Eeeeeee! It's him it's him it's him!" because the trailer starts out with a voice over by all the villains, including Kuja, who's played by our favorite Akira Ishida♥. It was kind of subdued, though, because the trailer was still going on, and it soon got to the part where it would show a character on the screen and list their voice actor at the same time. That's when it was confirmed that the Warrior of Light is played by Toshihiko Seki♥, who, as anyone who read our AX report knows, is now one of our favorite people of all time.

The next part of our watching was like, "Oh! Oh! Who is that!? Hikaru Midorikawa? Yes! Jun Fukuyama, he seems like a good choice for Onion Knight kid. Atsuko Tanaka as Ultimecia? Nice. Shigeru Chiba sounds awesome as Kefka!! Of course, Hideo Ishikawa is still Squall." There was much joy and happiness and amusement (Kefka was playing with Cloud of Darkness's little snakey thingies, which Athena assures me is quite hilarious if you've actually played the original FF3).


Zidane started talking. And he was played by a girl.

We had kind of known, since chibidrunksanzo tipped us off on a rumor about Ishida-san♥ as Kuja (really? But Kuja's a total girl--we thought he refused to play girls anymore; must be the white hair, I'm sure it's the white hair), and all we could find was a forum where the privileged people who got to see the trailer ahead of time (without voice credits) were talking about the voices, and one of the main theories was that Zidane was played by Romi Park.

We like Romi Park. We like her a lot. And when she was going to come to AX but ended up having to cancel, she apparently went to a bookstore, bought every flat surface that had a FullMetal Alchemist picture on it, and signed it for the charity auction (I wouldn't be surprised if some of those trading cards came from her own personal collection--each one signed). She's one of the few voice actresses that can play a boy without us being sad because of the lack of pretty real male voices. But Zidane is too much. Zidane can't be played by a girl! Of all the main FF heroes! Why Zidane!? Why why WHY!? Did you SEE that Onion Knight kid!? If ANY of the male FF heroes should be played by a girl, HE should be!! Not Zidane! NOT ZIDANE!!!! And Onion kid is played by a guy!! Sure, he's a guy who can sound a little girly at times, but still a guy!

Perhaps this is sexist of us. But we like to hear pretty male voices. And there are so many male voice actors who could play him! Why not Tetsuya Kakihara or somebody?

Oh well. I'm sure Romi Park did a great job.

Hm, I don't think that was quite as dramatic as it was last night. Ah well.

And then there was sadness. But then we listened to Shining Tears, and we were happy again. Can't wait for the game to come out! Except that we still need a PSP, but we can work that out. Now to go check out this "Kingdom Hearts coded" website that apparently just opened in the last 18 hours and think about cell phone plans.

Today I'm thankful for happy casting choices, Negima checking going faster than we were afraid it might, Mimsy's new favorite spot (it's in a drawer!), trailers of ultimate shiny, and See's sour bats, even if they're a little hard to eat.
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