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Did I ever tell the story about when we were taking a films class at BYU and the lecture was on sound effects, so the professor showed us a clip of a fight scene and then said he wanted us to go home, punch our roommate in the face, and see if that's what it sounded like? It randomly popped into my head today an I wanted to share. I asked isn't that against the honor code?, and he said, "Well... only do it if they have a beard."

I almost left the D off of beard, which would have then made it "only punch them if they have a bear," in which case they could probably handle being punched by a weakling like me, if they were dealing with a bear on a regular basis. Obviously the whole thing was a joke, in case anybody was worried, but it's true that you need to get special permission to have a beard at BYU. I'm not entirely sure why that is, but I know why you need special permission to have facial hair to work at Disneyland, and that's because children are frightened by facial hair. And telling that makes me feel like I've told this whole thing before. But at least I find it amusing, so I think it's worth sharing again.

None of that has anything to do with General Conference, which was awesome again. There seems to be a growing emphasis on gratitude and hope in going through trials. I kind of get the feeling there were kind of a lot of talks on those things in April, too, which just goes to show how important they are. In case anyone who's interested doesn't already know, there are streaming videos of General Conference here. They have it in a bunch of different languages, too, which is really dang nifty. And while I was looking at those, I found out that you can hear mp3s of all the songs they sang here, which is especially awesome because of the Primary choir. Oh yeah, and of course the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang, too. But they always sing.

Not that I don't like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. In fact, they sang "Faith in Every Footstep" this time and it was super awesome (maybe that's not an appropriate modifier...). I think I just have a thing against choral music since Dad decided he would rather make us listen to that in the car than let us listen to our beloved Disney soundtrack, which is kind of ironic, because one of our favorites was Hunchback of Notre Dame, which has kind of a lot of choral stuff. But anyway, since it wasn't what we wanted to listen to, we didn't like it, and we're only just now being able to appreciate it again, about five years after we stopped having to hear it. Now if we could just get that long a break from country music, maybe we'll stop disliking that, too.

Well, I think that's sufficient rambling for not having much idea what to write about when I sat down here. Now we're going to read manga and later make another attempt at fan letter writing. Oh yeah, we have more pictures. Maybe I'll post them later.

Today I'm thankful for another awesome General Conference and the messages we heard, the miracle of technology, pillow mints, See's Awesome Peanut Brittle, and Disney Imagineers.
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