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Attack of the parentheses!!!

Today was full of unexpected developments. We started out by sleeping in. That one was expected, because we turned off the alarm. See, we won't get to sleep in tomorrow, and we decided it would be good to get the extra sleep before General Conference (first session is at 9am tomorrow, and we usually don't wake up until 9:30), so we don't fall asleep during General Conference. I was thinking as we went to sleep last night that that might mean there's even more of a delay in case one of our bosses on the East Coast sent us an e-mail when they got to the office, but since we're pretty fast workers, that's not really a problem anyway. (Or not as far as we know...)

As it turned out, we did get an e-mail from one of our East Coast bosses this morning! They needed us to make a style guide by Monday. After making the Negima! style guide, we determined that the rule of thumb when dealing with style guides is that they will always take longer than you expect. This is only true because logic keeps interjecting and telling us it probably won't take an entire week. And so, instead of making it a Negima! check day, we made it a style guide day. Style guides are kind of a pain to make. But they're also our best friends, because it's so nice to be able to say, "We'll check the style guide!" instead of, "That was in here before--how did we translate/spell it again? Which volume was that? etc. etc." So we're pretty happy to have one.

We're even more happy because working on the new style guide helped us realize that it would be a very good idea to update the Negima! style guide while doing our second run through the script, instead of waiting until we're all done. Yay!

Unfortunately, that means we have to put off finishing Negima, which is really hard, because next on our agenda is Me & My Brothers, and we miss Masashi♥ soooo much. We'll just have to listen to the CD drama again or something, I guess.

Before we got the e-mail from our East Coast boss (or rather, before we found the e-mail, because we were asleep and the knock on the door woke us up), we got a package! I thought it might be our comp copies of Phoenix Wright manga, but when I opened the door...! It was DHL! Only CMX uses DHL. (Well, of all the people who send us stuff.) So we thought maybe it was the next two volumes of I Hate You♥ (I could tell by the feel of the envelope that there were two books of manga inside.) Instead, it was the next two volumes of The Name of the Flower! Although a little sad because of the lack of I Hate You♥ (that doesn't sound right...), this is very very happy, because Ken Saito recently became one of our favorite manga artists! (Though if you go searching for her works to see if you might like her, too, don't read the summary for "with!!" It's much better without knowing the plot.)

The final unexpected development came when we got a message for the Heritage Ward (that's our ward) Relief Society Facebook group, saying that we're all invited to a bachelorette party! ...for our sister. This had us more than a little annoyed (though it's possible that the "more than" part came from working on style guides), because we were hearing about family stuff, once again, from outside sources. I mean, we just saw Mom and Sarah on Tuesday, and it's at THEIR HOUSE (so it's not like they didn't know about it), and they even mentioned how the groom was at a bachelor party on Saturday, so why the heck did they not mention a bachelorette party to us? Of course, now we've had time to think about it and calm down, but our family's lack of communication skills can be really grating sometimes. Ah well.

We'll just remember that soon (though a little less soon than originally planned), we'll get to work on Me & My Brothers, finish Fruits Basket, and get back to The Name of the Flower, all of which are Very Happy Things.

This entry has been brought to you by Parentheses!

Today I'm thankful for having one more style guide, Ken Saito manga, it being Conference weekend!, having snacks for Conference weekend, and time-saving strategies.
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