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Happy ready go♪

I'm starting to get the feeling that Ken Akamatsu is trying to turn Negi into KH Riku. But that's a bit spoilery, so I guess I won't go into it. But I can talk about how whenever Negi's song comes up on the CD, I'm like, "Oh, this song is so pretty! I wonder who's singing it..." so I go to check and it's Negi! and it makes me very happy.

Aaaaanyway. What else was I going to talk about? Right! Tears of a Lamb!

We of course became fans of Hidaka-sensei's with I Hate You More Than Anyone, and then VB Rose kept showing up on the Animate rankings, so we figured we ought to check it out. And with Kazuha's story being so awesome, of course we had to check out the rest of the Akiyoshi Family Series, but Tears of a Lamb kind of stayed off the radar because of bad timing. It was too new to be mentioned in I Hate You♥ but too old to be able to just get at Kinokuniya, and so we had a, "We'll just have to see if we find it some day..." attitude.

But then one day we were at the CMX website for some reason I don't remember, and we saw the cover to volume three. And we thought, "Twins!? Are those twins!? Banri Hidaka has a series with twins!? MUUUUUST REEEEEEEEEEEEEAD!!!!!!!!!"

See, we like twin characters a lot, not because twins tend to be the best characters (though they are very awesome♥, just being a twin doesn't necessarily make you cool--it's not about who you are, but the choices you make (like Dumbledore says)), but because, as twins ourselves, we get Dibs. Or at least, we get to pretend we get dibs, because we have more cosplay potential for such characters. Kind of sad in cases like Host Club, where our favorite is Tamaki, but Hikaru and Kaoru are awesome enough (and popular enough) that it's all good anyway. And having dibs on Banri Hidaka characters makes us happy♥ I think there's also kind of a sense that if Hidaka-sensei put twins in her work, that means she might be interested in hearing from twins. Y'know, when we finally manage to write to her.

So when I was reading Tears of a Lamb, and Kanzaki was like, "Why are you living alone with your cousin anyway!?" and Saito was like, "Kei's brother lives here too, so there's actually three of us!" then I was like, "...not... twins...?" and I was very very sad. But then she introduced Rihito, and explained the whole cousin/brother thing, and I was very happy♥ And Saito is exactly one of my favorite kinds of characters! Yay!

As for the other characters, Kei is one of the most adorable female characters ever, and Kanzaki is... aah, Kanzaki. We both like him a lot (there's just something so sexy about a guy only being able to see out of one eye), but we also feel sorry for him. But nowhere near sorry enough not to laugh at him. Poor guy.

Anyway, it's a good series, so check it out! (Sometimes Mamoru Miyano will tell people on his blog to チェキタウッ!)

Today I'm thankful for Negima scenes that easily lead into Chain of Memories reenactments, happy Negi songs, speedy pizza delivery, predictions of rain, and our October schedule not actually being as scary as it looks.
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