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Phoenix Wright manga!!!

Phoenix Wright Manga! We thought it came out today, but apparently it actually came out a week ago! But that doesn't mean it's too late to buy it! If you're an Ace Attorney fan, we're pretty sure you'll enjoy this manga! Go! Go to a bookstore! Or see if your library has it! And enjoy it!

I always seem to have such a hard time focusing enough to write LJ entries when our routine is interrupted. But then again, our routine wasn't interrupted yesterday, and I still didn't feel very coherent. Ah well.

Anyway, as I said, our day was interrupted, but only because we let it be (which is usually the case when that happens). Mom works for a Jewish firm, so she had the day off for Rosh Hashanah, and she was out Doing Stuff. So she invited us to come along. We went to See's Candies and splurged on candy, then we went to Michael's, where we bought beads we hope will work for Yasuaki's necklace (it's about time we made it; we've had the costume for like three years now). Oh! We also went to the bank and got one hundred dollars in quarters. That's right! One. hundred. dollars. In quarters. We're tired of having to scrounge to do laundry! Mwahahahahahahahaha!! Or something.

Our last stop was Target, where Mom and Sarah somehow managed to walk right past the video game section without stopping, almost losing us on their quest to see if they had Legally Blonde. We eventually caught up to them, and since they were in the DVD section, we figured we might as well see if they had Gargoyles (things have been popping up and reminding us of it). They didn't, but they did have! Freakazoid!! Woohoo!!!! So now we have that. We decided not to buy season one of Tiny Toons, though, because we're always hesitant to spend too much money at once.

And then we got back home and back to work, and I think I had a comment about Negima, but I can't remember what it is. One of these days, I want to talk more about Tears of a Lamb, but I'm still having trouble focusing. Plus, I have something very important to mention, that I'm going to go add to the top of this entry so more people are likely to read it.


All done!

Today I'm thankful for one hundred dollars in quarters, Phoenix Wright manga on sale now!!!, having lots and lots of candy, having Freakazoid! (season one) on DVD, and this Negima flier that says "By the Fan, To the Fan, For the ALL FAN!!"
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