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Now that we've spent a day working on Negima, we can say with certainty that it is one of the Big Three. It does make me wonder what will happen if Nosatsu Junkie ever makes a comeback, though. Will we have a Big Four? Or maybe by then we'll be done with I Hate You♥. Only time will tell...

Anyway, we watched Aladdin last night, and reconfirmed that it is in fact made of Awesome. It even gets a capital letter. (That reminds me, Celeste has a t-shirt that says, "Without me, it's just Aweso.") It's funny how when you watch something growing up, you see something like a magic carpet and all you think is, "He's a funny carpet!" So as you get older you don't think anything of it until you watch all the extras on the new special edition and they talk to the directors and animators and they talk about how impressive it is that the animator got so much emotion out of a rectangle. And then you're like, "Whoa..." We also realized for the first time the significance of the Sultan's line, "Her mother wasn't nearly so picky." Poor guy.

We've also been reading a lot of Banri Hidaka manga, so we've been in a kind of Hidaka World for a while. That's part of why last night, when we decided it was time to start writing fan letters, we decided to start with her. It was really funny how hard it was to get started. We'd be like, "Okay... It's time... to write fan letters..." And then we'd sit. And sit. And sit. And Athena would say, "I'm going to get the paper next time I get up." And then we'd sit. And sit. And sit. It's such a simple thing to do and yet it's so hard. We eventually forced ourselves to get started, but then I decided I wanted to not write something I'd just written, so we decided it was time for a break, and okay not to push ourselves. Life is so funny.

But on the bright side! (as if that was so gloomy...?) Athena's read volume one of VB Rose now, so I can say this without spoiling her! When Maki showed up in Chapter 5, I was so happy I cried. Apparently I like him more than I realized. Either that, or the Romeo x Juliet soundtrack we had on in the background had a lot to do with it.

Right now we're both reading Tears of a Lamb and enjoying it immensely. (I think I have one chapter left in volume one.) Saito and Rihito are exactly our age! That's almost creepy.

Today I'm thankful for animated rectangles, getting to watch Aladdin again, Hidaka World, fan service for girls in Negima (it's almost like Ken Akamatsu knew girls would be translating this volume), and Harvey being so cute in Kieli.
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