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More pictures!

I've noticed today that my brain doesn't seem to be working quite right. I would look at a hymn in the hymnbook so I could play it as part of the prelude or postlude music for Relief Society, and I'd be like, "I can't make sense of this!" And so, in the absence of the ability to come up with intelligible things to write about unaided, we present to you more Japan pics!!

We promised ourselves we wouldn't take pictures during parades or shows, because then we'd be too busy trying to get a good shot to properly enjoy the show. But when the Beauty and the Beast float came up, complete with human-form Beast, we had to get photographic evidence.

Unfortunately, we were pretty far back (they have huge seating areas for the parades! Huge!), and we don't have the most high-tech camera. Can you find him?

I also wanted photographic evidence of the CDA guys from Monsters, Inc., because they were so awesome and we'd never seen that here. As it turns out, they're in the Pixar Play Parade we saw at California Adventure last time.

In line to Winnie the Pooh's Hunny Hunt, you walk through a bunch of pages from the Winnie the Pooh storybook (though I'm not sure if they're from the original, because Gopher's on one of them). The text was all in English, so we were sad for all the Japanese people who were missing out on things like, "It happened a very long time ago--last Friday," or however it was punctuated.
We couldn't be too picky about what we got a picture of, because hey, we were in a moving line (and lines move superfast in Japan! Wow!). I'm only a little sad that we didn't get any text.

Here it is! Photographic evidence that there are, in fact, two of us! Athena says she thinks that one of us looks taller because we were on an uneven surface, but it could just be bad posture. I don't remember what the surface we were on was like (except, y'know, being made of cement and resembling Critter Country), but that Brer Fox is made of awesome.

We didn't get to see the Tiki Room in Japanese because it was closed for repairs. Apparently, they're about to suffer a hostile takeover.

We had to take a picture of this one, because our Big Thunder Mountain is so much different. Unfortunately, we couldn't make it unblurry.

It's a small world after all!
Sorry; I couldn't resist.

And here it is with Mickey in front of it! This giant globe marks the entrance (after the ticket barriers) to Tokyo Disneysea, which is just made of so much awesome.

Mt. Prometheus. I just can't repeat enough how awesome it is that Disneysea has a volcano!
Incidentally, these pictures really don't do the park justice. I think it's partly because we were running low on batteries that day, and despite them selling batteries in just about every store in the park, and our making a few purchases where all the cast members were the definition of friendly, I was too scared to try to buy any.

I think it was because they had their Spring Carnival going on, but they had a bunch of topiaries all over the place. We have topiaries at It's a Small World in our Disneyland, and we were a little sad that they didn't in Japan, but these are so fancy, they more than make up for it.

This picture is from Mysterious Island, which is inside the volcano! Sort of. But there was this awesome area (shown below) surrounded by volcanic mountain with undersea volcano-y type stuff. They even had burned up vegetation! Anyway, this is the submarine that was docked there, right across from the entrance to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. (Incidentally, in Japanese, the name of the attraction is 20,000 Miles Under the Sea, which we're not sure is an accurate conversion.)

One of our favorite places to hang out was Mermaid Lagoon. (If Sindbad's ride had been there, we never would have left.) This is the outside of Triton's Kingdom.

And a couple of failed attempts at the inside. You can... sort of make stuff out. Maybe.


This is one we absolutely couldn't afford not to get photographic evidence of. For behold! Real live, genuine sea salt ice cream!
(Brought to us by the makers of Hello Panda!)

It came in a pretty Ariel souvenir shell case thing.

Don't miss our exciting new installment, when we'll be in the exotic Arabian Coast! (The area of Disneysea; not the real Arabian Coast.) Here's a teaser!

Tadah! Good times. Man, we want to go back to Disneysea.

Today I'm thankful for photographic memories, having been able to eat real sea salt ice cream (I totally want them to sell it at California Adventure, and I want a cosplay group of Roxas, Hayner, Pence, and Olette to go there and eat sea salt ice cream and Mickey Mouse pretzels at Paradise Pier. and take pictures.), fun imaginary cosplay scenarios, my shiny Futago Translations pen, and being able to order french fries at Disneysea.
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